10 Good Things About the School Year Starting (According to a Teacher)

It's time to set those alarm clocks, chug even more coffee, and trade in the yoga pants for business-casual work attire! I actually really do like my job as a high school English teacher, but damn! do I love me some summer break. So, in order to put some pep in my step, here are some reasons why returning to work might actually be okay:

1. Free air conditioning- Summer arrived a little late to Southern California this year and all the sudden it's really, really hot. My classroom is always freezing. Win. 

2. Colleagues- I know some people don't like the people they work with, but I'm lucky to work at a large high school with a friendly, down-to-earth staff. Our English department is full of genuinely nice people and I don't duck around corners when I see administrators. Sure, there are certain people that may get on my nerves once in awhile, but as a whole I really like my colleagues. Some of my best friends are teachers!

3. More money in my wallet- I spend way, way too much money during the summer. Some years it's on trips, but sine I didn't go away this year I went out to lunch and coffee way too often. Target is also currently my second home (there's one less than five minutes away from my house I probably go three or four times a week, and that's conservative). I also get this sort of lax, "oh it's summer, I deserve it" attitude, like when I bought a pair of Frye boots I've realized I'm too scared to wear (luckily it's too hot).

4. New goals- Screw January 1st- the start of the new school year is the time I really take stock and evaluate where I'm at. I get organized, reflect on changes that need to be made, and get excited for new things I plan to implement personally and professionally.

5. A healthier life- Strangely, I find working out so much easier when I'm at work. I get a ton of steps during the day and do a lot more PiYo, and even running, during the school year. I also find it so much easier to eat better while working, since I don't have time to leave for lunch and have to eat whatever I packed (I have such good, healthy intentions when I pack my food).

6. The students- I love my students and am lucky to have 3 of my 5 periods full of the same IB juniors I had last year, now as seniors. The other two periods will be full of new sophomores to get to know. While a lot of work, I love the courses I teach, despite the fact that there is so much more grading than other classes I've taught (please note that "grading 150 essays from one Friday of timed writes" is not on this list). 

7. Routine- I thrive on routine and I always struggle to really get into one during breaks. I've been better this summer with Sawyer, but I still feel like there are days that I miss having a clearly defined plan (like get up, go to work, teach theme in Macbeth, teach argument essays, go home, etc...). I feel that I have to be super efficient while working to get everything in, while being off there's always "time later." 

8. Excuses!- The house isn't clean because I work all day, person that probably doesn't even notice but I think is judging me! I can't _________ this weekend, person I don't want to really see right now because I have to grade papers! 

9. Getting it over with- I hate the slow build up to break; Target puts out their school supplies, people start complaining, and you start feeling like you need to adjust your sleeping habits. Rip off the band aid! 

10. Just that much closer... to the next break. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear that someone else goes to Target as often as I do. My husband thinks it's nuts, but seriously, it never fails, after we leave, I figure out we need something else.

  2. Even though I know it, I'm always a little surprised by how early you Americans go back to school for the fall! And how I miss Target - I'm still so disappointed that we couldn't keep it running here in Canada.

  3. I've been in higher education for about 10 years, and right now I'm down to all online classes. I'm seriously considering going back to school to be certified to teach high school (which I did for a minute many, many years ago), and I miss the in-class environment, the students, all of it. This post made me smile, a lot.

  4. I definitely agree that there are good things about going back to work after a relaxing summer break. I feel very lucky to have summers off, but I miss my work routine too.