Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I just spent way, way too long trying to formulate a concise Facebook status pledging my allegiance to Planned Parenthood. Very few things enrage me, but the idea of taking help away from the 2.7 million people who used them last year is beyond me. 

2. Last Thursday I took Sawyer to the Orange County Fair and we had a ton of fun. He went on his first ride (the carousel), saw tons of animals, and ate ice cream. He shrieked from happiness for almost two hours straight and "meowed" at the goats and rabbits. It wasn't too crowded, but it was hot and a little expensive (as to be expected). I know some people are a little surprised that I just take him alone, but Scott works a ton and the weekends at a lot of places in Southern California are crazy. Plus, I like to just go with him sometimes, as opposed to friends or family! We can do our own thing, at our own pace, and I can focus my attention on explaining things to him and having fun.

3. When we got home from the fair I, stupidly, almost chopped the tip of my thumb off while cutting parsley. I didn't want to deal with stitches, so I bandaged it up with gauze and surgical tape and hoped for the best (I was alone with the baby, so it was just super inconvenient). The verdict? It hurts really bad still but it closed up, so I think I'll survive. Maybe I should have glued it shut. 

4. I just started reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr for book club. I don't really have an opinion yet, but I can say that I'm liking the short chapters. 

5. I just finished Judy Blume's adult novel, In the Unlikely Event, and while it wasn't my favorite, I was shocked to know that the three plane crashes in the story happened in real life in New Jersey in the fifties. Augh! 

6. I have raved about Piyo in the past, but I totally fell off the wagon this summer. I decided that for every time I do it from now on I'll pay myself $1 towards a massage or pedicure or something unnecessary and self-indulgent. I think the lack routine during the summer has actually hindered my working out, actually. I walk outside and on an incline on the treadmill every day, but that's not enough. 

[I need to do this]

7. Speaking of exercise, I got back on my bike (it's set up on a trainer in the house) and it felt good! I haven't done it for a long time; I think I rushed back after pregnancy and the extra weight just felt strange. Sawyer thought it was great to watch, too, so hopefully that lasts for awhile.

8. Does anyone have solar? I have so many questions. Buy? Lease? What does it do to your roof long-term? What if something breaks? Do you have to clean them (hello, I just read The Martian!)? What if you lease and the company goes out of business? 

9. Our re-fi was approved! I know this is not a big deal and people do it all the time, but I did the whole thing on my own so I'm proud of myself for getting it done before rates went up.

10. Last Friday night I went out with two of my friends that I haven't seen for awhile and it was so fun. I see a lot of my friends during the day, for lunches and such, but it's been awhile since I actually go to go out, without my kid, when the sun is down. 


  1. Your day with Sawyer at the fair sounded like a blast! Yikes about the cut though, glad to hear it's closed up now.

    Ahh, yes, the short chapters in All the Light We Cannot See was fantastic (especially as I have been falling asleep while reading these last few months *blushes*). Enjoy! :)

  2. You always manage to introduce me to new things. This week's winner - Piyo (I had to google it).

    I really, really loved All the Light We Cannot See - beautifully complex when you look at all the themes at play.

  3. I love fairs! I was thinking of finding one to show my new DIL, who is visiting America for the first time with her husband, my son. What says America more than a fair?

    I hope to read my copy of In the Unlikely Event soon.

  4. I love going to fairs, only downsides are that it's ALWAYS hot...and the price, hahah. I might go to one this week! :)