Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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Christmas Break Edition!

1. I really, really love wrapping gifts.

2. Sawyer has figured out that we can walk around the block together if he holds my hand the entire time and we both love it (if he refuses to hold my hand I scoop him and return home; it took a few tries but now he gets it).

3. Peanut butter balls for dayyyyyyys.

4. #ohtacknights2015 is about to come to a close, sadly. Oh neighbors, you really have some atrocious lawn decor.

5. I'm reading Margaret Atwood's newest book, The Heart Goes Last, and it's off to a good start, but I can't shake the fact that it feels very reminiscent of the MadAdam books.

6. Star Wars was so, so good. So good I'd go see it again, and I never say that. I may have gotten a little teary at one point that I won't talk about because I don't want to spoil anything.  This was also the longest we've left Sawyer with the sitter we've been using and he didn't traumatize her, so that was good too.

7. Our work email has been down since last Friday and I have to admit that it's been pretty awesome. I have another platform for interacting with my students, edmodo, if they need me, but this level of detachment hasn't existed since I got an iPhone long ago and it's been kind of nice.

8. Sawyer decorated Christmas cookies today and he started off, for approximately two minutes, being really serious about the whole thing. And then he figured out how delicious frosting is and it was all over.

9.  I saw The Martian last night, since it's available on Amazon streaming or something, and I really liked it. I thought it was a solid adaptation of the novel and that Matt Damon played the role perfectly. 

10. I'm excited for Christmas; we stay at home and celebrate with just the three of us (well, my brother will stop by later in the day). We can spend all day in our sweats, enjoy each other and our gifts, and make homemade pizza for dinner. 

Happy holidays, guys!


  1. Our Christmas will be just like yours this year..usually we go to my mom's but she left town w/her husband to see his family...kinda looking forward to this low key Christmas with just the 3 of us...planning to be in our jammies all day too!!