November Reviews (a little late)

It's the fourth? Already? Oops. The last few days have been a bit busy.. and slow... and fast... but still, better late than ever. I'm a bit disappointed with only having read three books, but considering the five billion student assignments I've gone through I guess it's not bad:

The Man Who Refused to Stand Up by Jacob Appel 
384 pages
I read this novel because I'm advising a student project that incorporates it and it sounded interesting. The premise is a man who wouldn't stand up during God Bless America at a baseball game and is roasted by the media. He subsequently finds himself in a troubled marriage and eventually on the run.

Verdict: While the man's reason for not standing up was misunderstood, I appreciated this because I think that pledging allegiance to a flag, singing song lyrics, and other empty professions of patriotism are incredibly automatic and obligatory. Personally, when The Pledge is said each morning on announcements I stand, along with my students, but I don't make them say, nor do I. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. As a whole I thought this book was only averagely written and got a bit ridiculous at the end. I do think that it is quite thought-provoking, though.

Like Family by Paolo Giordano
160 pages
I reviewed this book here.

Verdict: This novella cemented my appreciation for Giordano. Plus he's Italian and good looking. I didn't mention this in the review I did for Penguin, but I had to get it in now. 


This is You Life, Harriet Chance by Jonathan Evison
304 pages
Harriet Chance's husband has died and she decides to embark on the Alaskan cruise he had apparently arranged for the two of them before he lost his memories and control of his body. Meanwhile, he's back to sort of but not really, haunt her as she relives memories from the distant past. She learns a shocking secret and also must come to terms with her relationships with her middle-aged daughter.

Verdict: I was a big fan of The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, and while I think I still may like that book better, this one was still a great read and reminded me a bit of Where'd You Go Bernadette when it comes to quirkiness and fun. 

848 pages

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