Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[we were right on the other side of the glass from this baby tiger]

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1. So, the #blacklivesmatter movement is interesting to me on so different levels, but I think on a sort of linguistic, semantic, rhetorical level it has me baffled. This is where emotion peaks; I've been trying to think of a way to explain it to people that seem to think we have to go the #alllivesmatter route, and this is what I've come up with: say you're driving down the street and you see one of the famous "Save the Tatas" bumper stickers. 95% of people are going to say "Yes! Breast cancer sucks! Let's cure this disease! Save the boobies!" They are far less likely going to say "Everyone can get sick! There are other illnesses like colds and ear infections that should get equal attention too!" Ya get me? The equity and equality discussion are relevant. 

2. Today Sawyer and I met up with a friend from my softball and early high school days to go the Safari Park near San Diego and he got his face painted for the first time. He sat very patiently and then seemed pretty nonplussed once he saw the monkey on the side of his face. But once he took a bath tonight and I washed it off he was so confused and sad about where it went. He just walked around and pointed to his face and made monkey noises.

3. I've held out on Snapchat, but I gave into Pokemon Go in like a day. Everyone was doing it and in my mind it's something that sort of coincides with my Fitbit obsession and desire to be competitive. I don't really get it. I don't understand what these little creature are really for and why I'm sending them to a professor and why I'd want to fight them. They look so sweet, why am I training them to fight? Is that what I am supposed to do? But it's still fun and some of them are cute.

4. I got a book in the mail today from the publisher that sends me stuff that I didn't ask for. It's never happened before and I felt sort of conflicted. I was sent the email about it and ignored it, but now that I have the book I almost feel obligated to read it. 

5. Somehow I forgot to mention that I purchased tickets to see Jonathan Safran Foer in September. I am SO EXCITED. He is one of my favorites and when he was in my area last I had a tiny little newborn and had to skip it. The man is a God. 

6. I am currently reading The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth Church and am really liking it so far (I'm about 50 pages in). This is my fifth book of July and I am starting to get a bruise on my back from all the patting I've been doing... I've been trying to read about 100 pages a day, which leads to a book about every three days. 

7. You know how some women really like shoes? And buying more? I have a wedding to go to this weekend to go to and need some to go with my new favorite dress and the thought of wandering through the mall fills me with so much rage.

8. I took Sawyer to the dentist the other day and he didn't cry. I had really prepared myself for the worst, so I was pleasantly surprised.

9. Another Prime Day, another bust. I did get a toaster for $20 and Sawyer a cheap pair of tennis shoes, but I really thought books should have been half off or something like that.

10. I have high hopes for the weekend; Saturday I get to catch up with a friend in the morning, go to my friend's daughter's first birthday with Scott and Sawyer (they are having a churro man, so, seriously, this is already awesome), and then my mom, sister, and brother come in that night from up north. Sunday Scott and I are driving to Malibu for a wedding and staying the night while Sawyer is back home in good hands. Then, on Monday we're coming home and taking my family to dinner. Busy, but good. 


  1. 4: I have a "dude" at Mira that sends me all their new releases. I don't feel obligated to read every. Single. One. So I'm saving the ones I'm not interested in for a giveaway bundle for my blogiversary. Someone else can give them a good home...

  2. I used to get stuff I didn't request from this one publisher, too, so finally I sent a polite e-mail suggesting that I did not have time to read and review books I didn't request, so perhaps they could stop sending them. Hmm, that probably didn't sound all that polite, but they responded and said that they would stop sending things unless I wanted them to do so.

    I was hoping for big discounts on books for Prime Day, too...sigh.

  3. 7: One great thing about going to the mall during summer vacation is that you can go early in the day before it gets too crowded. I love shoes, but I don't buy them at the mall, I buy them on Amazon.