July is Sacred (With a Capital S)

For me, July is Sacred, with a capital S. This is the only month of the school year with nothing work related; June starts off with work days and we go back to work the second week in August. So, July is sort of my favorite (minus inevitable 100+ degree temps). I actually get a little sad when it begins, though, because it's beginning marks the start of the march to it's end. So instead of lamenting this fact, I decided to make a list of thirty-one ways, for thirty-one days, to make it great.* Who know if they will all happen, but I sure can try.

1. The Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach (fine, I'm cheating, we went yesterday)
2. Bake something new (maybe an icebox cake for The Fourth?)
3. Go to a museum or two (LACMA? Science Museum?)
4. Make some homemade ice cream (it is National Ice Cream Month, after all)
5. Take Sawyer to a free movie at the local theater 
6. Do a 6k on the treadmill with the AC blasting
7. Clean something out (garage? Work out room?)
8. Donate money or items to charity
9. Spend the day at the beach
10. Do something substantial for work (I know this is counterproductive, but it will make me feel more prepared to return)
11. Write a short story or plan more for the novel churning around in my head
12. Get a pedicure
13. Go to a wedding and take full advantage of being child-free for the night (thanks mom!)
14. & 15. Celebrate birthdays for two different special one-year-olds (it's great that two of my favorite friends have kids and it's so fun to watch Sawyer go to things like this. Plus... cake)
16. Read a book I've had sitting around for at least a year
17. Go to an Orange Theory class (finally)
18. Finish this craft project thing I've had going for awhile
19. & 20. Go to both the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park with friends
21. Walk the Back Bay Trail... and then go get Sprinkles Cupcakes after
22. Have my in-laws over for dinner to thank my mother-in-law for helping with Sawyer when I was gone
23. Yoga three days in a row
24. See all my friends before we're all re-immersed in work
25. Make a fancy cocktail recipe (How Sweet Eats just posted a peach gin and tonic that looks pretty good)
26. Buy tickets for a Giants game when they play in San Diego against the Padres
27. Make pizza on the grill
28. Find some new sunglasses (especially since Sawyer accidentally broke my cheap back up pair yesterday)
29. Have a picnic
30. Try to get down to The Broad with Scott (and maybe try out The Commissary)
31. Do something messy and artsy/craftsy with Sawyer 

*I know that many call this a "bucket list," but the original "I'm approaching death" connotation to a bucket list sort of kills my buzz. 


  1. I should do #16 for sure!

    I know it's different for teachers and students (and different states/areas) but I always went back to school after Labor Day - so I'm always forgetting how early a lot of teachers go back to work. You earned your July for sure, enjoy it!

  2. Oh let me know how you like the OT class...I really want to try one but am struggling with the balance of child care and "single-momming" it during the week.