Hostess Cupcake Ice Cream Recipe

You guys know the story- I love to cook but could never have an actual cooking blog, so sometimes the baker/cook in me hijacks a post or two with a recipe. 

Today is a good one. I promise. 

There was once this recipe of Full House where Michelle is trying to cook and is putting different combinations of food together, all of them bad (up until the end where she probably makes something the whole family loves and the studio audience goes "awww" together). Anyway, you get the gist; there are a lot of good foods that should never be paired together. But  vanilla ice cream and Hostess Cupcakes? This is a combination you should most definitely try. My husband had some last night and said it was good as anything you'd buy from a store. Sawyer also gave rave reviews. 

First of all, there are lots of different ice cream makers out there, but I have found that the attachment for my KitchenAid Stand Mixer is by far the best. I also have some ice cream containers from Sur la Table that have nice silicone tops that are airtight and easy to clean. I keep the attachment bowl in the freezer at all times so that it stays as cold as it possibly can be and that I'm ready to go if the ice-cream making mood strikes me. It is definitely not cheap, but you get what you pay for, as with many things in life. 

This is a no-cook recipe, so if raw eggs bother you... don't make it. Or I guess you could go the more custard-y route, but this is the best recipe I've used and have never gotten sick.  


3 Hostess Cupcakes, frozen for at least a few hours
2 large eggs
3/4 cup sugar
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup 2% milk 
1 3/4 tsp vanilla extract 

1. Whisk eggs in a mixing bowl for two minutes

2. Add in half the sugar, whisk a few seconds, add in the rest. Continue to whisk  for another minute until blended.

3. Whisk in vanilla, cream, and milk, adding a little at a time and then whisking as you go

4. Add the mixture to the ice cream maker. If you are using the same as I am, I pull it out of the freezer at this point so that it doesn't increase in temperature at all. Turn on and let stir for fifteen minutes.

5. While the ice cream is freezing, chop the Hostess Cupcakes into small pieces. Honestly, it doesn't really matter because they'll fall apart anyway, but mine were maybe 1/3 inch cubes. No need to be exact, at all.

6. After at least fifteen minutes of churning, your ice cream should be the consistency of a thick shake. Don't turn off the mixer! Add the cupcake chunks in slowly, giving the mixer time to stir in a handful at a time. 

7. After all the pieces have been added, let the mixer incorporate for a minute or so and then turn the machine off. Pour the ice cream with the help of a spatula into your ice cream container. Make sure it is sealed tightly! 

8. Freeze for eight hours and then enjoy! Homemade ice cream doesn't typically have the same longevity as your store-bought brands, so eat it within a few days. 

This recipe has been adapted from Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (1987)


  1. I have never made homemade ice cream before, but after reading your post, I feel like going out to the store and buying the ingredients and attachment for my KitchenAid to make it. Sounds delicious!

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