January, Plus December, Revisited

I tell ya, it's hard to get in all of the regular end of month posts combined with the end of year stuff! And I don't know about you, but I'm a little sick of it all, so I'm going to make this quick:

December's Goals and How I Did:

1. Stay 90% on track with my grading calendar: Yes! I love this new system and while I did feel pretty stressed with all I had to do, my calendar made things attainable and allowed me to have my teacher work day for quickly inputting grades and getting some work done for next semester.

2. Run an average of three times a week: Sort of. When I was well I did, but for the week or ten days I was battling double ear infections and and a nasty chest cold I did not.

3. Finish my 2016 year-in-review book: Yes! It's ordered and will arrive next week. I'm so excited to see the finished product! Hopefully I can get it together enough this year to do it month-by-month so I'm not scrambling around at the end of the year like 2016. And 2015. And 2014. And 2013.

4. Send out our Christmas cards: Done! This year's cards were probably my favorite- I posted the picture we used on Christmas. I only send out 25 to close family and friends, but this is a tradition that is important to me.

5. Enjoy the season: Very much so. Sure, it was rushed at times, and working until the 23rd sucked, but it was still so much fun. We visited Santa, had a separate Breakfast with Santa, walked around our neighborhood many times to look at lights, painted ornaments, decorated cookies, went to the Pixar Exhibit (not really Christmas, but still felt festive), visited Downtown Disney, saw family, and watched some Christmas movies. 

January's Goals

1. Stay off the scale: I need to clean up my diet and push myself with exercise, since I'm feeling a little blah after too many peanut butter balls. I usually weight myself nearly every day and instead this month I want to focus on making healthy choices and not focus on the numbers. 

2. Book mini-vacations: I am going to Vegas in February with my mom for a night and need to book a hotel and make reservations somewhere awesome to eat. I am also taking Sawyer somewhere for spring break (probably Zion National Park) and I want to get things locked down because rooms go fast that time of year.

3. House things: I need to find some big area rugs to replace two that we have and are falling apart/buckling, schedule a second opinion on a heater issue, and keep working on organizing. 

That's it! I'm clearly easing into the year. 


  1. Do you have an At Home store by you? Great rug selection at great prices.

  2. I am pretty picky about rugs and usually buy higher end ones, but I recently bought one from Rugs USA and was really surprised at the quality. Plus they have a sale seemingly every other day.

    1. Basically same quality, quarter of the price.

  3. The Cafe at Bellagio is my favourite place to eat in Vegas. (Or the buffet at Bellagio but then you usually have to stand in line for longer and deal with more people...).