October Goals

October! Yes! September had some great times (apple picking, Tall Ships Festival, a cooking class, etc...), but some not so fabulous ones either (numerous colds/mild cases of bronchitis/a sinus infection passing through our house, getting more and more behind at work, etc..). I'm looking forward to the beginning of fall.

For those newer around here, every month I set a few goals and review those from the previous month. Some are book/blog related, some are not, but more than anything I just try to hold myself accountable and this has proven a good way to do so. 

A look back at September:

1. Prep for the week: Nope I did a few things here and there, but not consistently enough to say I truly did.

2. Keep logging calories: Yup! I was really good about this and have lost a few more pounds (because of this and running).

3. Organize book shelves No I'm scared.

4. Write down all personal expenditures: Yes! I did a really good job at this and feel like there are a few areas I can work on going forward.

5. Get rid of 100 things: Probably not Being sick two weekends of the month put a damper on things

October Goals

1. Organize the book shelves: Let's try again

2. Eat a lot of veggie burgers: I am horrible at eating vegetables consistently and I love the convenience of eating the Dr. Praeger ones for lunch, so I'm trying to eat them three or four days a week.

3. Run a 10k I'm pleased with: I have two weeks to go! 

4. Cross stitching progress: This is always first to fall off the radar when things get busy, which they are right now. 

5. No social media after ten of week nights: I'm not too bad, I'm not exactly laying in bed until eleven checking Instagram, but I need a hard and fast rule to help me make sure I'm getting as much sleep as possible.

6. Make croissants: This needs to happen ASAP since I don't want everything in my class to be forgotten. 

My next monthly post will be at the start of my favorite month! November is coming! 

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