September Books

I am definitely not sad to see September go! This was a busy month filled with getting acclimated to new schedules, back-to-school sicknesses galore, a general lack of sleep, the horrible news cycle, and everything else. Plus, October means one more "regular" month and we get into the holiday season with vacations and super fun activities. But, anyway, the reading. I read five books this month, heavy in the nonfiction department:

A Long Way from Home by Saroo Brierly 
288 pages 
My husband told me about the movie and said he though I'd like this book about a young boy who was separated from his family in India and ended up adopted by an Australian couple. He lived there quite happily for his childhood and young adulthood, and then became obsessed with tracking down his biological family, based on the memories from his five-year-old self. He uses Google Earth and is eventually able to reconstruct his old town, finding his family upon visiting.

Verdict: I enjoyed this story and was impressed by his abilities to use technology to find such a tiny village, but the whole thing was a little bit anticlimactic since the reader starts off knowing that they are reunited.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare
145 pages
This was a reread for work- you know the drill: Macbeth ends up making sure the prophecies of the Three Witches come to fruition. Blood is spilled, hands need to be washed, the woods move, and c-section baby Macduff gets his revenge.

Verdict: I think this is my fifth time reading this play and, like any Shakespearean play I read, I always like it more when the reading is actually done.

I Hear She's a Real Bitch by Jen Agg
368 pages
I wrote about this restaurant owner's memoir here

The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas
464 pages
I wrote about this incredibly powerful story here

What Happened by Hillary Clinton
512 pages
I wrote about this depressing time in American history here.

(sorry for all the "click here" links today! I didn't realize I had written about so many books directly this month!)

1,777 pages 

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