February Intentions

[Goal #1: Eat more cream-filled football donuts]

It has to be bad luck or something doing your goals for the month five days late. Nonetheless, better late than never. Before we look at the next twenty-three days, here's a quick look back at what I attempted in January:

1. Make better/more deliberate food choices and track calories- Yup! It's not one of my goals, but I'm going to keep doing that this month. I get too snack-y when I'm not holding myself accountable (hello, Girl Scout Cookies!)

2. A financial diet- Yup! I tracked my spending and spent far less, although there were a few mandatory expenses that sort of got in the way (vet bill, car repair, etc...). 

3. Be ready to run Surf City Half Marathon- Yes. I truly, truly was ready on Sunday but the heat got in the way. My body was fine, but it was just too warm (more on that in a few days).

This month:

1. Stick to my new "budget"- I reworked some things in my budget so that I can hopefully start saving close to 20% of my check each month. 

2. Diversify exercise- I have been exclusively running for six months and I'm so excited to bring back yoga, hill walking, and time on my bike.

3. Spend a total of two hours working on my writing ideas- This is definitely small potatoes, but it's a start! 

4. Either sell old baby things or get rid of them- I've been trying to sell things online (big things, like our stroller), but I'm starting to think I'll just donate them. We have a daycare center at work for teen moms, so I may pop in there and ask if they have a need (or know any expectant mom that do). I want my space back (and yes, this means we have decided to be a one-child home). 

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