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I had written this draft before I heard about the tragic shootings in Florida. The whole thing makes me absolutely sick. What will it take to find a better solution to this problem? Our thoughts, prayers, and the pictures we post honestly mean nothing. They are little bandaids that make US feel better, but they serve no greater purpose. Instead of being a nation of these little ineffective gestures, we need to be a nation that votes better and is willing to donate to people and groups that will make changes.

1. I finished Salman Rushdie's The Golden House earlier today and I was so torn about deciding whether or not I actually like it. There were some really great moments, and I thought the overall plot line was great, but there were also some very dull sections and the end was just too rushed. 

2. I was at my yearly check up the other day discussing birth control options with my doctor and I was just so very, very thankful that we as women in the US still have these choices. Short term, long term, permanent, hormonal, non-hormonal- the list goes on and on. I am also, as always, very thankful for my health insurance.

3. We got our taxes done the other day and it took over two hours. I am not adult enough for that. What I am adult enough to do, though, is quickly spend my allocation of it (but on responsible things, mostly, like travel, bills, and savings). 

4. My sister-in-law went to The Broad in LA the other day, a modern art museum, and it was awesome. This was my first time there and I was seriously impressed by their collection. I hope to have a post up tomorrow, since I have so many awesome pictures from the day.

5. Can we talk about this massive hang up I have about the 6,000+ pictures I have iPhone? They're all since Sawyer was born, so all very special and whatnot, but I am irrationally scared of losing them. I have them backed up in (on?) The Cloud, but what if that somehow deletes everything? I need (fine, mostly want) a new phone before I go to Seattle in ten days, but I am terrified that somehow in the transition all those pictures will disappear. My solution? I am going to download EVERY SINGLE pictures from the cloud onto my computer and then back up my computer on my external hard drive. Seriously, can I get any crazier? Can I? 

6. My mom is coming tomorrow night to stay for a few days (I am off this week) and we are going to head to The Wild Animal Park with Sawyer on Friday. I still sort of struggle with zoos, but the two that the San Diego Zoo run are super involved with conservancy, which eases my conscience a little bit at least. 


  1. The Florida story was just terrible. As someone not living in the US though, it kind of feels like 'just another mass-shooting story' which is such a sad and dangerous place to be. I think given that nothing was done about gun control after Sandy Hook (because gun control is the ONLY solution - there's no in-between, you either have guns or you don't)the chances of it happening are slim and these devastating shooting will continue to happen.

  2. I can't believe how this government (and a lot of the people) seem to minimize the significance of gun control...and, of course, the guns are only a part of the problem. But better control would be a place to start, IMO.

    It is a frightening situation, and it is hard to focus on anything else in the midst of it all.


  3. Is Scott willing to get snipped? Super easy. If ShortMan can do it (he's super squeamish) anyone can...

  4. Unfortunately, they will continue to do nothing.
    They don't get it and they don't care.

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  5. The news about Florida makes me so sad (I had typed something longer yesterday but clearly my phone doesn't like posting on blogs =S)

    Re: #5 - Not crazy at all ;)