Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I have started selling my used baby stuff on Facebook Marketplace and have seen some success. It really isn't about that money, although a few extra bucks is always nice, I just want things out of my house. Kid stuff takes up so much room and I just want it gone as soon as possible.

2. My mom was in town for a few days and we took Sawyer to the Safari Park in Escondido and it was such a fun day. It's nice to have the occasional adult on hand for conversation and for doing crazy things like WATCHING MY CHILD WHILE I PEE. The rest of the time she was in town we just hung out. I love that my mom is so low-maintenance. I want to show her a good time, but I know that because she's busy back home she's also content to lay around and read. 

3. I finished Salman Rushdie's The Golden House finally and really had inconsistent feelings about whether or not I liked it throughout. I am currently lowering the bar a tad and reading Jojo Moyes' newest book, which is incredibly fluffy but a nice mental break after the density of Rushdie.

4. I go to Seattle in a few days for the first time! I am incredibly excited, even if it is just for work. The weather, by my fragile Southern California standards, will be absolutely horrible, but still. So excited. Our good friends moved up there a few years ago, so not only do I get to travel with my work best friend*, I also get to see them one evening. Don't worry, it will be over and I'll quit talking about it soon (and will then be obsessed with our upcoming trip to Yosemite). 

5. *She's actually my friend in real life, too. Isn't it weird how we so often differentiate "work friends" and "friends"? I need to stop. This lady is stuck with me whether we work together or not. There are other "work friends," sure, who I'd probably not really see anymore if we weren't at the same site, of course. But nonetheless, as society we need to start acknowledging when work friends transcend boundaries and just become friends. Then end. Tucking this unnecessary soapbox back under the podium. 

6. When we were at the Safari the other park I saw that they have a Roar and Snore camp where you can pay to spend the night at the zoo in temts (the more you pay, the better your digs, of course). We must do this someday! You get to walk outside and see giraffes and rhinos and whatever else sauntering by while in your pajamas? Yes! This also reminded me of something I hope to do when Sawyer turns six- The Natural History Museum in NYC has a sleepover program that is reasonably priced (I was seriously shocked). Granted I'll still have to therefore plan a trip across the country with a first-grader, but nonetheless it sounds like so much fun.

7. I feel like I'm getting sloppy with my time. Not enough essays graded, not enough house cleaned, not enough pages read, not enough QT spent with people, not enough sleep, not enough intense exercise, not enough current event info consumed, just not enough. I'm not sure what's going on and if this is just how I feel or if this is reality. I know that the time isn't going to frivolous things- my TV watching hasn't increased, my social media presence is the same... I just don't know. I do feel like I've been in the car a lot lately, driving to appointments, to preschool, to errands, so maybe that's part of the issue. I don't like it, though, not one bit.

8. I received my first PLAY! subscription box from Sephora (only $10) and I was really, really pleased. There were samples from Nars, Sephora, Peter Thomas Roth, and Laura Mercier, all products that I would legitimately consider buying. I love that they only include things they carry- I often found that there was a lot of crap in the Birchbox and Ipsy boxes back when I got those. 

9. I still haven't gotten a new phone, despite the new "increase" in paycheck from the tax "cuts" that the "government" has "given" us. I can't use the monthly payment as an excuse now. Get your life together, Christine.


  1. I sold wedding stuff on eBay just to get it out of the house, too! Also been using Bookmooch (and paying postage!) to give away my books, but I like freeing up the space AND knowing they are going where they're wanted. Also, I felt iffy about both Salman Rushdie books I've read, especially The Enchantress of Florence, because some of it was interesting but too much of it was unnecessary sex scenes. Here's my link:

  2. Have fun in Seattle! I love that city...and I've been there three or four times over the years, mostly in the summer or fall. No bad weather at any of my visits.

    I need to sell some of my collections that are binned in the garage.


  3. Enjoy Seattle. I visited there once (briefly) over 20 years ago and don't really remember much about it. Here is my post for this week: