April Intentions

Spring break has got me a little behind this month, but I didn't want to give up on my monthly intentions. Let's check in with last month's first:

1. Book some travel accommodations: Yup! I reserved a hotel for our upcoming night at Disneyland, booked airfare and the rest of our hotels for Canada, and then looked into flying home in June for a "practice flight" with Sawyer. 

2. Less phone in bed: I don't know. I honestly am not sure- some nights yes, some nights no.

3. Schedule blog posts on the weekend: NOPE I have been a horrible blogger lately. Thank goodness no one pays for me for this.

4. Get a new phone: YES Finally, I did it. I got the iPhone X and absolutely love it. I hate the price tag, but since AT&T makes you do their Next Plan if you don't buy your phone upfront, the monthly payment was just a few bucks more than the 8. 

5. Breathe: NO This month was really, really hard. I got really sick with the flu, Sawyer got sick with a throat infection at the end of the month, work was beyond crazy and I just felt like I was sort of drowning (and still do, if we're being honest).

Goals for April:

1. Grade like a crazy person- After my students take their IB test the first week of May things will slow down a lot.

2. Celebrate Sawyer's birthday- This year he will turn 4 and I feel like he 200% "gets it." I want it to be super special- we're taking him to Disneyland and California Adventure for the first time (despite living 30 miles away) and he's going to get a bike. 

3. Stop dwelling on the opinions of others- I've been bending over backwards when I think people might be unhappy with me lately and it's gotta stop. 

4. See friends- I felt like I didn't get to see my friends enough last month, so I need to fix that! Mama needs to socialize more than just at work. 

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