Spring Break

Spring break! You went so fast, you stupid b-word! At the time that this is being posted I'll be back in my classroom, talking to students about how much they hate Heart of Darkness and wondering how I'm going to get all the things done. But, I'm thankful for the time and am here to share how it went.

Originally my plan was to drive to Yosemite on Easter and come home on Wednesday. Sawyer came down with a 102 degree fever Friday night and I was pretty sure he had gotten my flu, so as soon as I woke up on Saturday I arranged with the hotel to change our trip to Monday to Thursday, illogically thinking I could get Sawyer Tamiflu that morning and that it would kick in and he would be better on Monday for the car ride. Luckily, I was completely wrong about the flu and Urgent Care said it was a throat infection that a dose of antibiotics helped with almost immediately. We stuck to the new plan, though, and set off for the 7 hour drive Monday after a low key Easter at home. 

We always stay at Tenaya Lodge right outside the South Entrance to Yosemite National Park- I think this trip was my fourth or fifth time. It's a little expensive, but considering the fact that it's quite nice and there are a few restaurants on site makes it worth it (there's not a lot of food options up there). I don't rough it- I'll hike all day but I want hot water and a clean bed when I'm done for the day. 

We hung out at the hotel Monday night, discovering some snow outside our room and buying some s'mores supplies. The next day we met my mom, two sisters, and my sister's boyfriend in the park and spent the entire day hiking to Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls and Mirror Lake. We covered about ten miles and Sawyer was such a trooper! He only whined a little bit at the very end, which was great considering he didn't nap. It was so fun to see my family and everything was beautiful.

The next day was just Sawyer and I, which was nice. Sometimes it's just easier to parent alone, right? We started the day early and did the super short hike to Bridalveil Falls, followed by the harder hike to the first bridge on the Mist Trail (it's fairly steep, especially for a little guy- we gained 48 flights of stairs!). Afterwards we just walked around the village so that he could pick up a pocket-full of rocks and eat ice cream (we did about 6 miles that day). When we got back to the hotel we walked around the area some and then ended with another round of s'mores, of course. 

We drove back on Thursday and DAMN was it a tough drive for me. I was really, really tired and just wasn't feeling the seven hours, especially when we hit some traffic coming into Southern California. At least my copilot behaved. 

Since then we've been hanging out. I graded a ton of papers, have been trying to get in extra workouts, and even built a cool LEGO set. Sawyer and I also made a quick trip to Knott's Berry Farm the other day for their Boysenberry Festival- I think I ate my weight in berry goodness. Luckily we have annual passes, so I didn't feel bad about just going for that and a few rides. 

How many days until summer break? 


  1. So fun! Love the pictures. Glad Sawyer's feeling better. You are brave driving 7 hours each way with a kiddo!

  2. It sounds like a great break (minus the hiccup of Sawyer falling ill; glad he is better), with some fun adventures included. Cute photos shared.