Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[me in front of my true love]

Hey there! I'm going to have a break from work soon and would love to visit your blog and check it out! Leave me a link in the comments below!

1. I mentioned going to LA in my post yesterday with friends, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I went with one of my good friends whom I have known since kindergarten and my other friend whom I met while in the teaching credential program back in 2005. I introduced the two of them several years ago and we always have so much fun when we get together, once a year or so. I am so incredibly thankful for the several strong friendships I’ve acquired over the years. I have friends to go to readings with, friends to discuss teaching with, friends who want to hike or exercise, friends I can randomly text and complain about thing to, friends who are always up for a random outing, friends who have little ones for mom dates, etc…. I’m just so appreciative!

2. I’m becoming a little obsessed with embroidery accounts on Instagram. Cross stitching has always been my first love, but I have to admit that there are just so many more possibilities with embroidery (which makes sense, since there is only one stitch in cross stitch). I’m a little confused about it, though, so if anyone here embroiders maybe you can answer this question: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO? The patterns are transferred onto material, I understand that, but how do you actually know what stitches to use (since there are so many)? Do you just decide on your own? Do the patterns have the info? I’m so confused (but still so intrigued). I actually ordered a book the other day and am trying to decide if I should just bite the bullet and buy a little kit from Etsy (they’re so expensive compared to patterns, though).

3. I mastered the Milk Bar Mother Dough recipe this weekend, after one horrid attempt several months, so basically the possibilities are endless and the world is my oyster.

4. Today is Sawyer’s Thanksgiving Feast at school and I am so glad I took the day off to go. Last year I didn’t, and I still feel guilty A YEAR LATER for being one of the few parents to not go. Luckily I was able to schedule another appointment earlier today, so I’m killing two birds with one stone.

5. I received my copy of Becoming by Michelle Obama yesterday and I’m so excited to get started! Our book club decided to read it towards the end of next school year, but I knew fully well that I’d read it early. I’ll take copious notes and either reread it in the spring or listen to it so that I can participate, though (always the good student).

6. Two more work days until Thanksgiving Break! Thank God. It. Is. Time. For. A. Break. I need it and the kids need it. I am exceptionally tired, they’re struggling to maintain motivation, and I need some time at home to catch up on life. I have a few things planned, but I’m in retrospect thankful for canceling my plans to drive to Zion with Sawyer. I think I’m going to take him to see a children’s production of Madagascar, we might go to Knott’s, I have plans to see a friend or two, but otherwise I need to get back to basics: clean, grade, run, play with my kid, and sleep.

7. I am kicking the holiday week off with a trip back to UCLA for the David Sedaris. I’ve read several essays in the past, but didn’t read an actual collection of his until Calypso over the summer. Last week I knocked our Me Talk Pretty One Day and then am moving through Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Flannel right now.


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  2. Well it might help if I actually add the link ugh I swear the closer it gets to the end of this year the more my brain dies. Anyway I used to cross stitch but it started messing with my wrist and now I have tendtionitis however you spell it. So now I crochet booksleeves every once in a while. You might a beginners guide to emboroy (god I cant spell anything today).

    Well here is my post it will go active on the 15th at Noon EST. I don't want to forget to post.

  3. Oh, I also got my copy of Becoming! Mine arrived today. I loved Michelle's interview with Robin Roberts the other night.

    It is wonderful to have a lot of friends...especially those that go way back.

    I used to embroider when I was young, but I don't recall much about the actual process. I think mine was very simple stitching.