Gifts for the Book Obsessed


While it might seem a little strange, it can actually be a bit tough to shop for people who are huge readers. They may be extremely picky (raises hand), own a ton of book already (raises hand again), or have already given their wants to someone else (nods head). Rest assured, there are still plenty of options for our type. 

First, of all, think winter comfort. A cozy, luxurious blanket that a person wouldn't typically buy themselves would be an awesome gift. Last year I received a cable-knit one lined with sherpa that I am still head-over-heels in love with. Other good options would include pajamas or slippers (the ones from Toms last forever!).

Next, think about where your friend likes to do their thing- would a Starbucks gift card encourage their habit of coffee-house reading? Or maybe they need a box of homemade treats to keep them company at home while they're flipping pages on the couch. Are they a wine-drinker? Buy them a good bottle of pinot. Are they surrounded by noisy kids or pets? Noise-canceling head phones might be just what they need! You can't go wrong with a brand new three-wick candle or a new coffee mug, either.

Time to outfit your friend in the best bookish threads. Out-of-print has the best shirts, scarves, and totes. Litographs turns the text from classics into shirts and scarves. Threadless has a literary category and there are tons of options on Etsy. 

There are also a ton of cool bookish products out there, too. I love PopCharts 100 Essential Novels Scratch Off chart or finding one of their favorite quotes on a print to frame. If they're a fan of something hugely popular *cough Harry Potter cough Lord of the Rings* the possibilities are endless (Hermione bobblehead, anyone?). 

Admit it. You still want to buy them a book. It's hard to resist, I know. I highly recommend one of Jane Mount's Bibliophile or The Ideal Bookshelf, or maybe one of the New Yorker's many volumes. Maybe a coffee table book on a place they love? Or a new cookbook from a chef they admire? 

Good luck! Whatever you do, don't buy them that one book that's "showing up on all of the best-of lists"- they already have it. 

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