Links I Like

I've been slogging through 329532583957 essays lately, so my reading and post-writing are on the back burner for just a few more days. In the meantime, here are a few posts to check out! 

I wrote a post on Run Eat Repeat about running books- check it out here! I've been a reader of Monica's for years and years!

I absolutely adore these end-of-the-year posts that Books are My Favourite and Best writes every year.

I make these peanut butter balls every year and I have people asking for them starting in August. I’ve gotten creative with what I put in them (pretzels, s'mores ingredients, etc…)- they’re super forgiving and delicious.

I you enjoy getting all hot-and-bothered by the stay-at-home versus working-mom debate, take a look at this Sammiches &Psych Meds post about this anti-feminist SAHM hyper-Christian woman’s’ blog.

If you like leggings you have got to get a pair of these. They stay put, are comfortable, and are only $20. I just bought my third pair today, so I thought they were worth a mention (again). They're more on the athletic side, as opposed to the wear-under-dress side, just as an fyi. 

If you need your heart warmed (who doesn't?) and you haven't heard about it yet, read about the man who gave up his first-class ticket to a mom with a special needs baby. Cue tears. 


  1. Do those amazon leggings work well for running?

    1. Also, what is the sizing like? Did you go with the chart? Thanks!