Looking Ahead: Spring

I have had a rough time with feeling consistently unmotivated and excited about life the past two months. There are a lot of factors involved, some of which include the post-holidays blues and the horrible weather we've been having. The nice thing is that I know what my issues are- nothing is worse than when you feel like crap and you can't quite put a finger on it. One of my go-to strategies when I have that ennui kind of feeling is to make plans and have things to look forward to. So that now that spring is sort of on the horizon, I'm looking at March and April and planning some things to put some pep back in my step. I thought I'd share in case you too are trying to beat those ever-so-common late winters blahs:

A trip to a museum- There is an awesome new exhibit at The Broad featuring art from The Black Power movement, so I'm going to book tickets for Sawyer and I ASAP. He's never been and there's some really cool modern art in their main galleries that he will love (and we might even take the train!). This is also a great option if the weather is less than stellar. 

A sporting event- I have been wanting to get to a UCLA gymnastics meet ever since Katelyn Ohashi scored a 10 on her floor routine (and now another gymnast got one on the vault!) and it's so ridiculously cheap- only $12! They have two meets at home next month, so we'll be going to one.

Self-Care- I really, really hate that term, but I guess it is what it is (I hate that phrase too). I desperately need my hair cut and colored and love taking a few hours to sit at the salon and catch up with my friend who does my hair. 

Book-Related Activities- I am going to the Otessa Moshfegh reading in a few weeks and then the LA Times Festival of Books at USC is in April. 

Get Out of Town- I currently have three nights books in Yosemite over spring break, which we do every year. I am a little concerned that the snow might be a problem, but I've already decided if I have to cancel Yosemite I'll rebook for somewhere else on the coast or something (Sawyer has never been to Monterrey or Big Sur, so maybe we'll go out that way if we have to). 

Meet up with friends- Spending times with my friends makes me so much happier. I love the people I have chosen to spend my time with! I try to make plans to meet up with girlfriends at least twice a month, even if it's just for a walking date. And lucky for me, one of my best friends teaches in the class next to me, so we have lunch several days a week together. 

Go outside- I am looking forward to more walks outside, time at the park, and maybe even some time playing on the beach if it gets warm enough in April! 

Celebrate!- We are lucky to have Sawyer's birthday to give us an excuse to celebrate in April, but there's Easter as well. I think we will maybe try to go to LEGO Land for his fifth birthday, since he's obsessed with them. Our annual IB Celebration is also at the end of April, which is one of my favorite events of the school year. 

Go Shopping- I've been hoarding an Antho gift card for spring/summer clothes that I'll finally spend. Everyone needs at least one new article of clothing when the weather turns! 

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