5- The Last Things I’ve Read
1. Student prequels to The Metamorphosis
2. Work emails 
3. An article from The New Yorker on Sheila Heti’s Motherhood
4. A few pages of Severance, by Ling Ma, at lunch
5. An article on the Serena Williams Nike commercial 

4- Things I Want to Embroider
1. A treehouse
2. A rose bouquet for my mom, at her request
3. Another RBG design
4. A leafy monogram of C&S, since everyone in my house has first names and last names that start with either letter (I have am CS and my husband Scott and son Sawyer are both SC)

3-Ways to Stay Sane on the Treadmill (that I’ve been using like crazy)
1. Save all Instagram stories for the day
2. Write out a plan and stick to it (minutes 1-6 run, 6-8 walk, 8-10 sprint, 10-20 incline walk, etc…)
3. Take a few breaks to lift weights or do core work

2-Preordered Books 
1. Daisy Jones and the 6 by Taylor Jenkins Reid
2. Margaret Atwood’s follow up to The Handmaid’s Tale, due out in the fall

1- I want more than anything
1. Twenty-four hours in a hotel room in the desert or mountains, alone. I desperately want to read and sleep (and sleep and read and read and sleep). This hotel will need a full spa and room service, too. Thanks.

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