April Reviews

I squeaked by this month with six books read, which, all in all was pretty good, considering how crazy life has been. I am right on track with my goal to read 72 books this year, although I am admittedly a little disappointed, since I like to be ahead. I guess that’s what summer is for!

I started off the month reading Rebecca Makkai’s The Great Believers, which I wrote about here. I really, really enjoyed the book and is one I still think about wistfully, wishing I wasn’t done. In terms of fiction I also read Oyinkan Braithwaite’s My Sister, the Serial Killer, about a woman named Korede’s experiences dealing with her seemingly narcissistic, sociopathic sister, who kills the men she dates. It was a sort of witty, sometimes profound, take on the normal mystery novel, and was also set in Africa. It was a super quick read and will definitely make my list of recs for the summer. I reread Sophocles’ Antigone, to teach to my students, and I have to admit that I really, truly like it now. It’s taken approximately five reads, but I’m on board.

Rounding out the fiction was Kevin Wilson’s collection of short stories, Baby, You’re Gonna Be Mine. I have enjoyed his other books, especially Family Fang, so I had high hopes going into this. For the most part I found his stories quirky and an interesting take on family dynamics, although there were one or two that fell a bit flat. Also, an important warning: if you find child loss triggering, stay away. Since becoming a mom I find myself deeply affected by those sorts of stories and found myself doing that rapid “IwillnotcryIwillnotcry” blink on the bus yesterday while chaperoning.

I try to read at least one nonfiction book a month, and in April it was two. I loved Susan Orlean’s The Library Book, her account of the fire at the Central Branch of the LA Public Library System (read more of my thoughts here). I also read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, a look at living your best creative life. It was… fine. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I find her writing a tad annoying. There were some really good reminders in the book, though, and I appreciate her sentiment.

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