Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

It's finally spring in Southern California and all I want to do is go to the beach to read in the sun while Sawyer plays in the sand next to me. He is pretty scared of the water, so it's kind of a perfect situation... for me.

Things are getting bussssssy. Friday night is Sawyer's preschool graduation, Sunday we have plans with friends, and Monday I will be at Disneyland all day with one of my best friends chaperoning a school trip (it's pretty awesome- we ride down in the bus, wave at the seniors as they walk away, and count their heads when they arrive back twelve hours later). Then next week is the end of the year- finals, grades, classroom cleaning, etc...

Podcast note #1- listen to the tax cab episode of The Daily. I had no idea how the medallion system worked in NYC and found the whole thing fascinating.

Podcast note #2- I juuuuuust started listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno and I was giggling to myself all the way to pick Sawyer up. This man's older father wrote an erotic story and gave the draft to his son, who then promptly turned it into a podcast with his friends. 

You know what? I still really, really love print magazines. I only subscribe to two, In Style and Shape, but if I had the choice I'd get fifteen.

Have you watched Dead to Me? It's so good. I love half hour shows and this one is the best combination of drama and comedy, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini totally perfect together. I've been trying to only watch two or so episodes a week to make it last. 

Last night I googled something and FOR ONCE THE RESULTS WEREN'T BAD. I really try to not look things up that are causing my anxiety, but I did and it turns out an occasional dry wall nail poking out is actually more a cometic issue than one of indicating your house is about to fall apart. 


  1. I used to get wayyyy too many magazines (a free reward program was partially involved) and let everything lapse when I couldn’t keep up with all of them anymore. I’ve indulged in 2 baking magazines recently justifying their pricey-ness bc they are such high quality. I thought those would be it for me, but I’ve just recently branched back out and started some subscriptions to a few current events publications and hoping I haven’t overcommitted myself! I tend to feel I need to read things cover to cover and that probably is not conducive to keeping up with that sort of magazine. I was tired of feeling under-informed but also not wanting to get pulled into click bait news on social media or lost in the 24/7 news channels, so we will see how it goes! Apparently The Atlantic has audio articles now, so I’m excited to try those out :) I’m already thinking more magazines should have those!

  2. Well, let's see.

    The taxi medallion sounded interesting so I Googled that. Who knew???

    I do not like magazines. At all. I don't like looking at them and it drives me crazy to see a stack of them on a table or whatever. Mom wanted to cancel all her subscriptions, so we did, but for some reason THEY KEEP COMING. As soon as she finishes looking at one I immediately shove it in the trash so the time from mailbox to trash is a matter of hours and they never live on the coffee table.

    I loooooooved Dead to Me. Another good half-hour dark comedy like that is Barry on HBO.