Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I used a personal day today to chaperone Sawyer's kindergarten field trip the the LA Country Fair and it was one part fun, one part tiring. His best friend was in out little group, so it was nice that I already know her and she me. We saw a ton of livestock, fed goats, walked around some awesome exhibits, and ate junk (fried cookie dough is pretty great). I'm over 15,000 steps already, so I can only imagine how well those little kids are going to sleep tonight and how tough it will be to wake them up in the morning!

2. Speaking of sleep, Sawyer has been incredibly tired since starting kinder (they napped/rested for nearly two hours in preschool), do we've moved his bedtime up fifteen or so minutes every night. I'm not going to lie- the extra time for me has been awesome. That's over an hour of "found" time cumulatively during the week now! 

3. Atwood's new book arrived yesterday and I hope to start it tonight! Yay!

4. I'm almost done with the audiobook My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams and it is absolutely fascinating. I wasn't familiar with the story of the fake heiress ahead of time, so everything is totally new to me. Totally appalling. 

5. I've started a new little program for a few things I worry about incessantly (and can't do anything about)- I fine myself. Every time I feel myself spiraling I add a tally to a note in my phone that translates towards an extra collar towards my student loan payments each month. I really, really don't want extra expenditures right now, so this has proven pretty motivating. It's clearly just a bandaid for my MAJOR PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES, but right now it's helping to break a challenging, distracting habit. 

6. I'm too lazy to link it (see number one), but if you are a fan of Snickerdoodles, look up the recipe on Sally's Baking Addiction. It is so, so, so good.


  1. Haven't tried her snickerdoodles yet, but everything I've done from Sally's blog has been ACES

  2. I also got Atwood's new book. I hope to begin reading soon, too.

    I do love the fair, but haven't been in years. Here are MY BOOKISH & NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS