Over the summer I saw the book Paperback Crush by Gabrielle Moss in a post on a bookstagrammer’s account and after seeing that it promised an exploration of popular teenage books from the seventies and eighties I was totally there for it. If you too grew up on The Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, Lurlene McDaniel, and RL Stine you’ll probably want to pick it up too. Not sold? Let me convince you:

It’s visually appealing- The pages are full of hundreds of glossy, colorful covers that will totally take you back to a simpler, more awkward time. 

It’s well-organized- The book is categorized in sections, dealing with subjects like family, school, illness, and friendships, as opposed to by series or author. There are also a few interviews and special features, which were neat. 

It’s thoughtful without taking itself too seriously- This isn’t all fluff; there is actual literary-esque analysis in here, as well as a sort of sociological approach that examines why these books were so appealing to a certain demographic. There is definitely a tongue-in-cheek feel, but I never felt that Moss was making fun of the authors, books, or readers.

It’s got something for everyone- Series, stand-alone titles, drama, friendship, illness, horror… she hits on all the popular titles of our time.

It’s unique- There are so many nostalgic nods to music, movies, TV shows, and clothing lines that it’s about dang time that books are included in the bunch.

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