Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I currently have like 3 drafted posts almost ready to publish and yet I cannot get it together enough to wrap things up. Actually, I have so many creative ideas and projects on the cusp of happening that I'm insanely frustrated that I can't bring anything to fruition. 

2. It's been a really slow, annoying week. Nothing monumentally awful has happened, but I feel like my energy is lagging and I'm not getting enough done, which is basically the worst feeling for me (and consequently makes me irritable). I think part of it was that Sawyer started school this week (I did last week and had a week to ease back in by myself, which was so nice), so I've been back to running around the house like crazy all day, making sure I'm getting my work done, he's doing what he needs to do, and my house isn't falling apart. IT'S FINE.

3. I have been having a very Sylvia Plathy-y week (ha! Maybe that's why I feel  so bla). I read a biography about her time in NYC over the weekend, am rereading The Bell Jar, and am teaching her poems to my students right now. I have a deep, deep appreciation for her, but I know that trying to get teenagers to tackle poetry from afar will be a daunting task. Hopefully I can get them excited, at least a little bit.

4. I don't know about where you live, but here in Southern California we are having a warm (highs are in the 70s, with 80s on the way), dry (1 day of rain) winter. I hate the rain- I am terrified of my roof leaking (despite what others may think, I promise I'm not a selfish person... I'm just very anxious about the ensuing stress during COVID... luckily I don't control the weather) and Ellie will drive us all crazy without her walks. I am worried about the drought, though, since I am a Central Valley girl at heart. 

5. Yesterday my son was listening to a lesson on Martin Luther King Jr and he looked up and told me he didn't believe in God. Well, then. We don't discuss religion much in our house, but I have mentioned it a bit more lately because of all the nativity scenes because of the holidays. I have never once told him I don't believe in God (still trying to figure out where I fall on the whole religious-agnostic-atheism spectrum), so for him to just make that claim seemed very dramatic and sudden. It's definitely a part of parenting I'm not super excited to tackle... can't we just talk about reproduction or something easy instead?

6. I make peanut butter balls (kind of luck buckeyes) every Christmas and usually give them to basically everyone. I make HUNDREDS. This year I still bought enough ingredients to make that many, despite not seeing 90% of my usual recipient list. I don't want the excess to go to waste, so guess who has to make peanut butter balls? Me. When it's not even Christmas! Ugh. I just don't believe in baking Christmas things when it's not Christmas time (and why did I even decide they're seasonal?). 


  1. OMG I am dying over the peanut butter balls dilema!!!!! "and why did I even decide they're seasonal?"

    I am the same way!!! I like those peanut butter squares that have cornflakes in them and chocolate on top? But I didn't make them at Christmas and I'm trying to decide if I should make them or not, outside of Christmas.

    Could we make our squares and balls in honor of National Peanut Butter Day coming up on Jan 24?????

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