Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

shameless plug: are you following @bookishlyboisterous on Instagram yet? I am reallllllly trying to get that going on a regular basis this year, since I am clearly a bored person sitting on the couch twiddling my thumbs all day ;) 

1. Finally! We have a new president. I basically low-keyed cried during the coverage of the event and during (luckily I was off that period). I fully understand Joe Biden's not a revolutionary dude- but I also don't know if we need that in some areas right now. We need to right the course and then we can build from there. I just feel like the adults are back from their trip and the kids won't be allowed to have these destructive, unproductive, dangerous kick-backs anymore.

2. There have been so many highs and lows in my  week so far. I am over-the-moon excited about scoring a vaccination appointment on Friday, but I'm preemptively frustrated by the annoyance of battling the appointment system again in a few weeks for my second dose, and am also anxious about some of these variants coming out (like the South African one). I heard the horrific news yesterday that one of Sawyer's beloved preschool teachers was killed tragically in a car accident and felt really conflicted about whether or not to tell him (I'm holding off). But I am thrilled to be so caught up on grading and planning, a miracle that hasn't happened since distance teaching began. I'm feeling frustrated with some intense cabin-fever right now- I need something to look forward to that involves leaving my house. I also realized the other night that I am probably going to have to plan another pandemic birthday at home for Sawyer in April and that made me sad... and sort of tired (the wheels are already turning, though, so despite being exhausted by the effort I know I can pull off something special for him). I can do so little about all of these things, really, so I'm trying to just breathe through it and remind myself to control what I actually can (so I need to pick a new park to take Sawyer too, plan a socially-distanced friend date, etc...). 

3. I do actually have something great to look forward to- a different book club each weekend for three weeks! The third one isn't really a book club, my friend and I are both going to read Sanjay Gupta's new book about keep your brain sharp, but still. 

4. I just started watching The Flight Attendant and I'm totally hooked. I only watch a few minutes on the treadmill when I cool down or if I decide to do a hill walk, so it will take me awhile.  But still, love it- the characters, the mystery, the travel (well, at least in the first two episodes that I've seen). The main character is great, but her lawyer friend, played by Zosia Mamet, is stealing the show a little bit for me. 

5. I am listening to Gretchin Rubin's Better Than Before, a book about habits, and I find it all so fascinating! I am have been taking notes, so once I'm done I'll come back with more. I feel like I have a lot of really, really good habits but the bad ones that I struggle to break are the ones bringing me down the most. Hopefully this will provide some motivation to, say, stop the afternoon snacking problem I currently have. 

6. I am not getting a new car quite yet, but by ten-year-old CRV is starting to get up there in miles and is making some weird noises. Once we can start leaving home again I know there will only be road trips for awhile, so I'll need something reliable. Part of me wants to do it RIGHT now, since there's zero percent financing, but part of me would rather wait a few months until my student loans are paid off (no, I'm not assuming the government is doing it, I'll be forking over the cash myself). I hem and haw at all purchases over about $40, so needless to say, buying a car is a big damn deal (and my husband and I keep all that separate, so this is really my thing). I am only on my second car ever, my first car lasted nearly seven or eight years of heavy commuting (a black Saturn Ion that I bought all by myself at twenty). I find the car buying process unnecessarily stressful- I think because my first purchase was so intense as a young person. Last time I did it through AAA and was in an out faster than the ink dried on the paperwork. It's just soooooo much money, compared to, like, books and dresses, my usual splurges. Ugh. Adulting. 

7. I really tried to be more proactive about MLK day this year, instead of the standard performative Instagram posts that were everywhere. I bought two books by black authors (Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendell and THe Office of Historical Corrections by Danielle Evans), donated a few dollars to the SPLC, and made sure to have a talk about Dr. King and BLM with Sawyer (I'm sure my conservatives neighbors got a real kick out of hearing a little boy talk about Breonna Taylor while we were out walking Ellie, haha). I'm so glad I don't teach elementary anymore- the standard rhetoric that surrounds ways of teaching things like this has to change. 

8. Are you following the @zillowgonewild account on Instagram yet? If not, do it! 

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