Goals for 2021 (and January)

Every year I make resolutions, and every year I accomplish a few fully, make progress on a few more, and fail the handful left over. As far as 2020 goes, I'm not even looking back to see what I intended. Other than meeting my reading goal, I just don't even want to bother evaluating whatever else I intended. It feels weird, now, here on January 1st, deciding how to tackle this upcoming year, since it still feels like such a limbo-existence we're living in. When will we get back to "normal"? May? August? October? 2025? I'm guessing planning a trip that involves a passport and an airplane would be a bad idea (and travel is often a resolution of mine). 

So, what I've tentatively decided to do is to create some pretty basic, manageable, goals for the year, but really focus on a month-to-month system (and no more than five things). Sometimes what we think we need in January isn't what we really need to focus on in October, right? 

So in terms of the year I want to:
1. Meet my Goodreads goal of 74 books
2. Continue to make an effort to be social, whatever that may look like 
3. Increase non-cardio exercise (but also not really decrease the cardio, either, since I need that for my mental health)
4. Make distance learning the best experience it can be for my students at work and my own son at home
5. Be a consistent dog owner when it comes to her exercise, grooming, behavior, and training (we have a seven-month-old golden retriever puppy)
6. Bring in more of a personal essay type feel to the blog (and blog more in general)

For January, my specific things to work on are:
1. Exercise: make sure to get on the treadmill at least twenty times and do at least 10 yoga or Melissa Wood Health workouts
2. Stay on top of grading (as in never feel like I am totally drowning... believe, me that is a quantifiable measure)
3. Create two new embroidery pieces (whether for Etsy or not)
4. Add more fruits and vegetables into lunch and dinner 
5. Get at an average of at least 6 hours and 40 minutes of actual sleep time, per my Fitbit, a night (I go to bed at a normal time, but wake up early to walk the dog and also just sleep poorly)

(These will all be posted in my office area as a constant reminder) 

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