Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I have this week off for President's Week (or whatever my district is calling it), and while I'm not one to complain about time off, it hasn't been amazing. Part of this is because Sawyer's district is not off, meaning we still have to get moving in the morning and I have to help him with his work. Another issue is that I've "assigned" myself really boring chores that I've been putting off for ages (redoing shelving paper in the pantry, cleaning out drawers, cleaning out fans, getting tax docs ready, etc...) and the happiness of productivity isn't trumping the irritation of the tasks. I've also let a few things totally ruin several days so far, but that's on me. I finally had a good-ish night of sleep, so when I got up this morning I felt like the funk had been lifted, so at least I can somewhat enjoy the last five days of break. I don't normally get like this, so I'm annoyed but also trying to give myself a break.

2. I think we finally turned the corner with my dog's stomach troubles, after nearly three weeks of dealing with it. I'll spare everyone the details, but it's been really irritating and slightly worrisome (she has been acting fine and eating and everything, so it was more of "let's figure it out" not "ohmygod she's super sick"). Unfortunately, I'm not sure if it is the strong medication she was recently given or the change of food, but nonetheless, we're getting there!

3. Speaking of dogs, I am here to admit I really hate the puppy/young dog stage. I like getting them this young so we can train them to our liking from the get-go, but four to like nine is the best. I feel this way about kids, too. Babies and toddlers are the cutest, but once my son was about three it just kept getting better and better. 

4. Books! First of all, Julie sent me the best coffee table gnome book after reading my post last week. I am reading Hood Feminism and Bastard Out of Carolina right now and have two books for two book clubs after. Sawyer and I finished a Magic Treehouse  book and also James and the Giant Peach

5. I generally do my own embroidery creations, but I bought this Chloe Jo pattern this morning and hope to get to it in a few weeks (see above). I will make some color changes, but I just love it so much!

6. I finished the 2000 piece Star Wars puzzle that my husband bought and we started last April and I couldn't be happier. He said I could have just taken it down, but not finishing what I least help to start is not how I do things. I will never participate in a puzzle that is more than 1000 again- mark my words. 


  1. I'm so sorry your dog was poorly, but glad she's getting back to normal. I totally agree with you about not liking the puppy/young dog stage or the infant/toddler stage for children. I don't have kids myself and my niece is only 17-months-old, but I can't wait for her to grow up.

  2. I will be very very happy if you actually review the Gnome book! I am looking forward to the long President's weekend. Work is overrated...

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