February Goals, Plus January Revisited

[These posts are really to hold my self accountable- writing them out in a public way is super motivating for me! Feel free to leave a comment with your goal for the month]

I typically loathe January, so I'm pretty happy to see it leave! It was a weird month that felt really long. There were some good moments, though, which I need to focus on. I got my first Covid-19 vaccine and a lot of my teacher-friends did as well. There were two book clubs, six books read, lots of exercise, some new and overdue personal boundaries established, and some good news about our union negotiations. Plus, shall we not forget, a new president! There were some more challenging moments, too, though, like some ongoing, nagging, gastro issues our puppy is having, the weather (how dare you be cold, winter?), and some frustration with not getting enough done (self-induced). I did make some good progress on my January goals, though:

1. 20 treadmill sessions and 10 yoga or Melissa Wood Health workouts- Yup! 
2. Stay on top of grading- Miracles can happen! Yes! It feels so good. 
3. Complete 2 new embroidery projects- Nope (almost finished one)
4. More fruits and vegetables- Done!
5. Average 6 hours and 40 minutes of sleep/night- Barely! I averaged 6 hours and 41 minutes

For February:

1. Log at least 100 hours in the Forest App- I was going to say "use my phone less," but I do some of my workouts from it (the Down Dog and Melissa Wood health apps) and then sometimes watch a show on my phone if I walk on the treadmill. I also answer work emails there sometimes, too, so it's not all mindless scrolling.

2. Average 6 and 45 minutes of sleep/night- I am hoping the SleepTown app will help! I have used twice now and I'm right up my alley (it's by the makers of the Forest App, so no surprise). Basically you tell it what time you want to go to bed and wake up every day; if you stick to it you get a building, which  then generates coins for you to spend on other buildings. If you use your phone during the window of sleep your house is *gasp* destroyed. I have the bad habit of spending 10-20 minutes a night right before I sleep on my phone, which I need to spend sleeping. 

3. Get ready for our tax appointment- Boring!

4. Start an emergency binder- My husband knows very, very little about our household logistics (mortgage, life insurance policies, the HELOC payment, how to get in touch with my friends if there's an emergency, utility accounts, etc...), so I want to slowly start putting together a binder of info. I don't plan to be incapacitated or dead any time soon, but it should be there just in case.

5. Go at least two "fun" places with Sawyer- December I made fun happen, but January was sort of... boring (see above). This month I want to take my little buddy to two, as he calls "fun," places (safe ones, though, where we can social distance).  

6. Teach Sawyer to tie his shoes- He's almost seven, but since this school year hasn't involved a lot of shoes, it's sort of been unimportant. February is the month, baby! I am going to focus on helping him master one step of the process each week, for my sanity and his. I want to start really slowing down and helping him own one independent skill a month (tying shoes, washing hair, do a better job brushing teeth, making a simple lunch, etc...). 

7. "Go" to a reading/event- So many of the places I'd go to things in-person to offer tons of virtual events that I've been ignoring, since it's not the same. I need to be inspired! I need to hear smart, cultured people talk! I plan to go to at least one. 

8. Do abs at least twice a week- Making cardio a goal is stupid, since between walking the dog and running I generally banks 12-20,000 step a day. Strength training is my nemesis, so I need to start doing more of the MWH ab videos. 

Happy February! 

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