Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I just started the graphic memoir And Now I Spill the Family Secrets by Margaret Kimball and it is SO good. This is the second memoir I've read this month, both of which are stunning!

My need to be a people-pleaser has been struggling with my tendencies to have strong opinions lately and it's absolutely exhausting. Navigating inner and outer conflict is complicated. There's this sort of balance I strive for- how can you make your thoughts known in a respectful way, while not being steamrolled? Obviously who you're up against is part of the battle, but no matter it's exhausting. 

Also exhausting is running with the dog nearly every morning 5:30- my body hurts everywhere, a combined effect of running on concrete (I usually run on the treadmill) and my gait being changed from handling a leash. I started foam rolling, which has just made my arms sore from pushing my lower half against the roll. I know it's worth it and I'll adapt, but in the meantime I'll just whine more than usual.

I think a topic in education (life?) that really needs to be addressed right now is moving past the trauma of the pandemic. Yes, I know we aren't completely past it, but we have to stop being reactionary and be proactive. How can we change the rhetoric next year to treading water to swimming forward?

I just yanked out my son's front tooth because it was dangling (he let me)- the Tooth Fairy needs to bring be a treat too. That noise. That feeling.

I am going out to a restaurant with some friends this weekend, for the first time since pre-pandemic (going out and the three of us being together all at once). I cannot wait. I also have a pedicure this weekend, so it's basically Christmas.

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