5 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
- Finishing a virtual IB four-day IB training (it's actually fine, just better in-person)
- Two book clubs this week! One a lunch!
- Two playdates this week with kids whose parents are friends
- Going to Torrey Pines this week to hike around the beach and maybe a stop in La Jolla for the Sugar and Scribe bakery (I've ordered things online, but would love to go to the actual place while we are close)
- Vacation... now that it's happening I'm obsessed

4 Books to Finish This Week:
- An IB training book for next week, so that I feel better about the curriculum changes
- Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America by Ijeoma Oluo
- Delicious! by Ruth Reichl 
- A yoga anatomy book 

3 Things I Am Currently Listening To:
- The Office Ladies, Season 2
- To Live and Die in LA, Season 2
- Yearbook by Seth Rogan (so funny!)

2 Things About Doing LEGO (you have no idea how hard it is to not pluralize LEGO):
- I am doing a large Treehouse set right now and am enjoying it SO much. I've been working on it for like two weeks, just doing a little section every day or so, and it's so relaxing and rewarding. 
- I ordered their typewriter set that was just released- I couldn't resist! But, that's it! I have space to display just these. 

1 Goal for the Week:
- Move my bike off the trainer in my office/gym where it is never used, to the garage, so I can get it back on the streets occasionally 

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  1. Lovely post! Those things you're listening to sound so much fun. Particularly The Yearbook.