Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

My mom is coming tonight! After not seeing her for sooooooo long it's so exciting. Technically this is the third time in the last few months (although one visit was less than two hours), which feels so lucky. We have a few things planned and then she will also be spending a chunk of time with my grandparents. Scott and I have reservations out for a late dinner one night, which seems like such a treat (although we just went out alone a few weeks ago when my sister was down, but still). 

Yesterday Sawyer and I went to Knott's Berry Farm for the morning, since our annual passes have been reactivated. He has always been incredibly easy to go do things with, ever since he was tiny, but now that so much time has passed and he's even more self-sufficient going to amusement parks and the like is a total breeze. 

A few of my students have joined Goodreads and I love seeing what books they're reading, earmarking for later, etc... I've even spotted them interacting with each other over literature they read for fun (Sally Rooney), which makes this English teacher so happy!

I watched several seasons of The Office back when it was actually on, but only made it to season... 5? My husband is full-blown obsessed and has watched the show in it's entirety a few times, and is willingly re-watching with me. The show is of course hilarious, but now I am more motivated than ever to watch since I love the Office Ladies podcast SO MUCH. 

Sawyer and I had a book party the other night- basically, he just took advantage of the fact that I love that he reads so much and brought a bunch in to read in my room past his bedtime. It was actually pretty perfect- every time he started getting chatty I just threatened to kick him out, which shut him up real fast. We got a ton of reading done!

Sawyer starts summer school next week for four hours a day (just two weeks of it), and I can't wait to have some brunch dates and time to *gasp* myself. We have some fun things planned for some of the afternoons, so it's basically perfect. 

Not to sound annoying and bougie, but I've had my eye on a recliner from Pottery Barn for reading in for a few weeks but cannot take the plunge. In my defense, it's really hard to find modern, cozy chairs, but the price is so steep. I keep thinking that I could put the money towards my car, my 2022 summer trip, or some other responsible endeavor. But then I sit for an hour in my sparsely-padded not-so-ergonomically designed current reading chair and I start fantasizing about the PB one again... 

The school district where I live, where my son goes to school, is starting to develop their ethnic studies courses and implement elements of CRT (critical race theory). If I read ONE MORE COMMENT implying that it's "racist" to make white people examine their privilege I'm going to scream. It's incredible how people take one nugget and run away with it, making gross generalizations and acting ridiculous. I've been saying for years that the best way to develop a better society as a whole, one with empathy and intellect is to start with kids. And I'm not just talking about race- we need to teach kids to think more critically about a lot of issues, look at things from different perspectives, and be responsible citizens. I have a feeling it's going to get ugly. I need to take a deep dive into what a CRT (both critical race theory AND cultural responsive teaching) curriculum looks like, but I do know I want my son to receive direct instruction on the mistakes our country has made and on how to be an ally. 

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