Summer Plans

This summer is a strange, limbo sort of year. A million times better than last year, but also not typical. I would love to take a big trip, but I am not for two main reasons, the first being is my travel partner is seven and is unvaccinated for a few more months (hopefully he can get his shot in the fall, and then I fully intend to fly somewhere close by for a long weekend... maybe Tahoe? Portland? Who knows!). The second is that if I'm going to spend thousands of dollars on the trips on my list I want to fully experience everything there is to offer, no COVID limitations, closures, etc... I feel fortunate to have taken some great trips in the past and some renewed patience, so I can get over this one last hurtle!

So, for summer 2021 I want to make the best out of staying local! I want time at home without the dark, uncertain cloud of the pandemic looming, I want to see friends, I want to have people over (we've already started having friends over to swim again and it's so nice!), I want to go places we've missed over the past sixteen months, and I want to spend time just relishing being in what feels like the best place I've been in a few years (knock on wood and whatnot). 

I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some sort of plan to publicly declare, though, so here's some of the things I hope to accomplish:

1. Continue to work on the dog-training (she gets better and better each day, she just has TONS of energy and still wants to eat all the things)
2. Do some sort of small-improvement project (other than the new dishwasher being installed in a few days... maybe replacing all the door knobs or something like that)
3. Reorganize clothing closets 

1. Keep up our screen-time ticket system (this was one of my stipulations when we bought him a Switch for his birthday... no endless playing, no playing every day, and additional weekend time has to be earned with extra chores)
2. Work on bike riding, shoe tying, swimming, and time telling
3. Strengthen math skills
4. Play dates aplenty 
5. Look into starting art classes

1. Abs and arms. Abs and arms. Abs and arms. 
2. Bring back yoga big time- 4 days a week
3. Try to get my hip problem under control without needing an MRI, PT, etc...
4. Sleep more

1. Read 18 books 
2. Create a few new hoops for my Etsy shop
3. Go to the places we missed, and then some 
4. Lots of in-person friend time
5. Join Master Class and do at least three courses 
6. Be more active here, on my Instagram accounts for Etsy and books
7. Learn some basic frosting piping skills (I really don't know why)
8. Get caught up on a few shows- I started The Flight Attendant in January and still haven't finished 

1. Decrease in iPhone time
2. Start and get caught up on 2021 year-in-review book 
3. Try to plan a weekend away with a friend (if it works, AWESOME, if it doesn't, okay, but we must TRY)
4. NOT do anything for work, other than a virtual training I have in a few weeks, until August (call me selfish or lazy if you'd like, but after a long, tough year that required constant above-and-beyond I'm reclaiming my time)

More than anything, I just want to feel like I did something every day- maybe it's big like go to Disneyland with my family like we just did, or productive like calendaring a plan to pay off my car way early, or leisurely like finish a book by the pool. Different strokes for different folks, but I can't handle wasting days. 

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