Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

This August-November stretch of the year is kind of a slog, but I still can't believe it's the end of September! I think being so busy lately has had something to do with it, between work and home, but I'll take it. Last weekend Sawyer and I hiked around a nature preserve in Orange County that was new to us and then Sunday we met for a park date with some friends. Next weekend I have a virtual book club, am hosting a different small book club outside, and Sawyer and I may go to Knots for an hour or two on Sunday morning when they open for the Halloween stuff. We are still being super careful, but since everything is outside and we will masked I think we are okay before it gets crowded.

Speaking of the c-word, I am giddy with excitement about the pediatric vaccine. When I saw the update last week about them being so close to a EUA I stopped in my tracks at 5:15 AM outside walking the dog in disbelief. We are so close! 

I am reading Sharks in the Time of Strangers  for one of my book clubs and am loving it. It wasn't on my radar at all, so it's the perfect example of why we should be open to books that might seem outside of our interest. 

I am using nearly half of my yearly classroom budget on books for my classroom, which mean I just submitted an Amazon order for TWENTY new, high-interest, quality books, for the kids. It's kind of a pain to deal with reimbursement, but it's worth it get the most bang-for-my-buck.

I am totally sure the Sex and the City spin off on HBO will be a total disaster, but I have to admit once it's on I'll probably bump into my to-watch list. This is absolutely no indication of when it will actually be viewed, though, since I still haven't finished the Friends reunion I was excited about back in May (or the Flight Attendant, which I started in December). 

Oh, and since we're talking about Friends, I was totally suckered into buying Jennifer Aniston's new hair product Lolavie product since Jessica Yellin of New Not Noise posted her before-and-after pictures. I'm the worst.

While we're being confessional, I also did some damage on the Frye boots site because they gave me a $50 off coupon, and I also stared my Christmas shopping for Sawyer since the headlines have been all "shipping and inventory delays expected." I am a marketers dream (aka sucker), which is incredibly ironic because that's my husband's field and I should KNOW BETTER. 

Go Giants (as in baseball, since I gaf about football, thankyouverymuch).  

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