Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. We just completed the first grading period (six weeks) and it's going okay! I have had a few kids officially out with Covid, but guess what? The kids who sit in the areas surrounding them did not. Why, you ask? Because they are all wearing their masks properly and some are vaccinated. Science is the best.

2. Despite my issues with Newsom I was incredibly amused by the recall election results last week. I mean, nearly twice as many voted to not recall.... 

3. I finished Kafka on the Shore by Murakami yesterday and it was so impressive. I think I need to read it again to really let everything sink in (but probably won't any time soon), but what he does with his characters, the story, the setting, the themes... I could go on and on. It's a special book and I definitely need to read more by him.

4. Sawyer has to decorate a fake pumpkin as a book character for a contest at school and he didn't even hesitate before picking Dogman. Do I have time to help him do this? Not really. Am I so happy that he gets to do activities like this this year? For sure. And it is a pretty cute idea.

5. I went with my friend so she could get her first tattoo yesterday and it made me so sad that my appointment for my next (and probably last) one isn't until May (although not sad enough to find someone new... I go to Daniel Winter and his availability is pretty ridiculous if you're not a celebrity, haha. He does really great work and I need his fine lines, so I'll wait!). It was so much fun to see what other people were getting and see the different levels of nervousness. 

6. Every weekend I've been trying to get a little house project or extra chore done, and this week I did my succulents. Part of me is impressed that they were mostly alive after so much neglect, but part of me is deeply embarrassed that I've let them go for so long (years!). It does feel really good to knock some nagging things out, though.

7. My students are reading Sophocles' Antigone and we've been doing it outside in small groups and it has been the best (they keep their masks on). We are three days in and have three days left, and I'll be sad when it's over. They're so much more relaxed and conversational outside, which makes it a pleasure to walk around and get to hear them talking about the play. 

8. Last weekend Sawyer and I went up to a small lake in the mountains and walked around for a few hours. It was such a nice break from where we live and it we were still able to be back to swim and relax in the afternoon. I am really trying to take advantage of the nature that's within an hour or two of my house; I am so good when I travel, but I get stuck in a rut with a few places locally. Time to change things up!

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  1. You sound really positive and motivated!

    Wishing you a great reading week