Books on Your Back- Inaugral Edition (Spoiler Alert!)

I'm attempting to start something regular on the blog- introducing Books on Your Back! Translation: I'm going to bring you the nerdiest t-shirts possible on a semi-regular basis. If I was wealthy I'd do one of those fancy-shmancy giveaways that the other bloggers do, but let's face it, I'm a selfish biatch that would rather spend the $20-$30 on herself. Someday my blog will be famous and t-shirt companies will be begging me to feature them. Until then, buy it yourself :) (remember, one can say something mean and then use a smiley to make it better- I'll never do it again, I promise).

This week's inaugural t-shirt is a complete spoiler, so you may not want look at it. Sorry if you already did, but now you feel the pain that I felt when I realized what happened at the end of the sixth Harry Potter book right before I started reading it (the expletives that ensued wer
e impressive). Anyway, this shirt is brought to you by, and boldly ruins the endings of several films, some of which happen to also be novels (I just finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, so the damn shirt has been on the brain). It can be yours for the low, low price of only $20.


  1. LOL I felt the SAME way when I read something on a forum that said "Snape Kills Dumbledore!" I was PISSED.

  2. I hope that you DO get T-shirt companies sending you free shit... I want one ok? Only the funny ones.