Withdrawal Symptoms

Paranoia. The shakes. Nausea. Irritation.

I've had some serious reading withdrawals over the last four days- Vegas can really mess a girl up.

The extent of my reading has included half a Runner's World, tons of menus, the sports book board at Mandalay Bay (I learned a lot about sports gambling-
next time I'll go for it), and a few slides during the three day professional development conference I was at.

We did wander into a neat shop at the Palazzo called
Bauman Rare Books, though. I really wanted to buy my husband a first edition Catcher in the Rye until I noticed that it cost $12,000. Maybe if I had gambled more than $1 it would have been an option... There were several other pricy books like Fahrenheit 451, The Wizard of Oz, and some Shakespeare and Chaucer texts. Unfortunately, my feet hurt due to the shoes from hell (standing and walking were more torturous than running a half) and we had dinner reservations so we didn't spend a lot of time there.

But now I'm officially on summer break and will hopefully be able to read lots, if Cho
msky, the holy-terror, will let me.

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