This is Very ____________ [adjective]

I'm a huge fan of Mad Libs, both as a teacher and someone who enjoys inappropriate humor (not that I would ever use this timeless classic for vulgar reasons). Earlier this week Leonard B. Stern, the man that created them passed away at the age of 88. So, in honor of the man behind the madness, here are a few quick facts about this beloved game:

- Originated when Stern was writing a script for The Honeymooners and needed an adjective
- Began as a self-publishing operation in the 1950s
- There are 120 volumes, and over 150 million copies have been sold
- Over 2 million Mad Lib Aps have been downloaded for various pads, phones, and pods
- There was once even a show on the Disney channel about Mad Libs in the 1990s.

When I taught elementary I used Mad Libs as a reward, but also a sneaky way of reviewing the parts of speech. I contemplated having my yearbook class use them this year for fun, but then I decided not to, remembering that they were crude enough without the need to come up with "a body part."

I guess Mad Libs are like LEGOS to me- the possibilities are _______ [adjective].

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