It Was Special, but I'm Over It

Oh Harry, you brave, noble, somewhat attractive Quidditch playing adolescent, we are through. It's been fun and you've taught me a lot, but it's time to move on. I've enjoyed watching you grow up, but, let's face it, I've got what I've wanted from you and now I'm ready to move on to older, more mature men that don't always seem on the verge of having hissy fits. It'll be hard, but we'll always have Hogwarts.

I have finally finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last book in the seven part series (it only took me twelve years to read all of them; a friend in high school gave me the first one). I'm a little Pottered out right now, considering the last book was over 750 pages, but, as I've said before, I truly enjoyed the series. Rowling's personal story is impressive and what she has done for children's literature is astounding. The messages and relationships are positive for people of all ages, and the story line itself is creative and has been cohesive throughout.

It's interesting to look at the progression of the s
eries, and how dark is became by the last installment. The characters are finally of age, seventeen, and Rowling allows them to mature, but in such a way as to maintain an appropriate tone for readers of all age levels. I was a little surprised to see the word "bitch" and one of my favorite terms, "effing," repeated several times, though. There was a little bit of romance, but nothing that would traumatize a ten or eleven year old (so for those hoping that Ron and Hermione will get it on, sorry). The plot of The Deathly Hollows was actually quite serious- the lighthearted tone of the first book was definitely gone.

I finish this series at an interesting time in the Potter Universe. Earlier this week J.K. Rowling announced her plans for Pottermore, an interactive website:

While I'm obviously not on board with the ebook component, I am interested to see what comes of this development.

Also, coming in July, is the last Potter movie. I ha
ve to admit, I haven't seen any of them in full, and probably won't see this one either. I plan to wait until they are all out on DVD and come bundled in some fancy schmancy spell book (or other gimmick) and have a Harry Potterathon in the comfort of my own home (sitting in theaters isn't really conducive to my constant need to pee).

While I'm happy to be finished, I will definitely look back fondly at the series and am excited to one day read them aloud to my own kids. I'll always see Du
mbledore as God, Ron as annoying, Hermione as a little like me as a kid, and Harry as a boy on the verge of greatness.

For old time's sake. There are much more revealing ones out there, if anyone is interested.

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  1. LOL I have seen the naked ones... Doesn't really do it for me, though.

    I wouldn't say you're missing much with the movies. They are pretty cheesy. I have read the whole series, but I still haven't seen the latest movie.