Books on Your Back- Up Top For the Snobs

Today's Books on Your Back t-shirt is from The Onion, in conjunction with the A.V. Club, and doesn't explicitly mention books, but is completely applicable to the literary world.

If you're not familiar with the A.V. Club, you should check it you. They pride themselves in delivering high-brow pop-culture news and reviews.

Back to the shirt. Isn't that what so many blogs, sites, and magazines do? Reading, extreme music or film obsessions, video game playing, baking, and crafting is often seen as nerdy. The cooler people in the wold are too busy- well, actually, I'm not sure what they're doing. Robbing liqueur stores? Shopping? Fixing cars? Graffiti? So, anyw
ay, they're doing what cool people do, and we're on a mission to find supremacy in our nerdy fields and make the rest of the world feel lame for not knowing what the word bildunsgroman means, why exactly David Lynch is a supposed genius (I hate him, if it matters to anyone), or what type of yeas is best for bread

Why be a nerd when you can be a snob? Supremacy is fun.

P.S. Non-book awesome t-shirt bonus, also from The
Onion Store:

Careful, though, I hear going outside the network can really come back to bite you in the ass at the end.

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  1. LOL @ the health insurance shirt. Oh boy does it bite you! Even if you never DO have a lapse in coverage. They'll tell you that you did, and then just make you jump through hoops to prove you didn't.