Book on Your Back- Awesome, Man (and Pinterest)

I love this shirt, probably because I use the word "awesome" too much.

I'm not really sure about the source; I saw it on this stupidly ridiculous site called Pinterest and then it redirected me to a church site. And then I got scared. Here's the pinning and here's my Pinterest, just to show you the fruits of my trolling.

While I'm talking about Pinterest I just have to say that there are some definite good things and bad things about it, from the few weeks I've been on.

- I'm loving it as a way to store recipes for food, desserts, and drinks
- Great way to remember things you don't want to clutter up your "favorites" with (dresses! clocks! t-shirts!)
- The ap on my phone keeps me entertained on the 1/4 mile walk from my classroom to car everyday. For some reason that walk seems longer than running 5 miles.

- They're growing way too fast and simply don't have the technological support to keep up. The results equal glitches and error screens.
- It's free. This is bad because it's actually valuated to be worth quite a bit; eventually they're going to start charging or are going to eff up our boards with ads.
- It's just another form of social networking that you have to watch yourself on. On my bucket list I stuck up a picture of a boudoir shot because it would be nice to be so hot you'd want people to take your picture. For those that don't know me, I'm now this anonymous slutty person that has secret aspirations of becoming a porn star (porn star name, in case you want to know, would be "Raven Countryside." Kinda of nice). It also allows people you do know to get you better- good and bad. Anyway, you get the gist.

Happy the Weekend is Over Eve. Expletive, expletive, expletive.

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