Spiney Art

One of the (fun) challenges of having a new house is deciding what you want on the walls. My husband and I are quite particular, and really are in no hurry to fill the walls with random, meaningless crap. You are what you hang on your walls.

My discovery of this awesome company, Ideal Bookshelf, ran by artist Jane Mount, definitely gives possibilities. She creates simple, whimsical paintings made of book
spines that come in a few sizes (8 x10 runs $26, while 11 x 14 $55). You can either purchase prints of ones that she has already created or customize your own actual paintings. There are tons of options for the prints, featuring anything from children's literature to classics to contemporary literature to gardening books. Two of my favorites:

I also really like the idea of taking her note cards framing some of the ones that work with the books I have and love.

What intrigues me the most is the custom painting options, of course. You pick your own books, take pictures of the spines and send them to her. It's a little pricey, but it is customized art. I'm hoping to ope negotiations to go halvsies with the man who pays the mortgage with me after the holidays. This of course made me thinks about the books I'd want if I were to do it. My picks (based on appearance and importance):

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