It's That Time Again

I'm not really a big birthday person- I don't declare the week before the 22nd "birthday weekend" or make lofty gift requests. I think this comes from growing up- my family was on a budget so we did lots of modest family parties and no one went crazy on the gifts (which, by the way, I have no qualms about and is the way I'll strive to raise my kids too). Add in the fact that I'm getting older (no, not my late 20s), I'm cool ignoring it.

That is, unless I get a birthday book cake.

My awesome friend Joanna (check out her food and healt
hy living blog) made me a book cake, including fondant and legible writing (you should see my lack of frosting skills). So cute, such a great color, and so good (running fuel for my impending 3-4 miler).

Growing old sucks, but having true friends there with you makes it a bit more manageable.

Especially when they come to your house with chocolate cake.

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