Can I Get a What What?

What I Need: Patience to teach Julius Caesar to my sophomores during the next six weeks.

What I Want: Good Times painting by Christopher Stott (only a mere $998)

What I Roll My Eyes At: That I had one student ask to read a Chelsea Handler book and another a Miley Cyrus biography for their extra credit books assignments.

What I Hate: eReaders are getting cheaper (than
ks a whole fucking lot, Amazon)

What I Wish: That I could rent a (luxury, fully renov
ated) cabin for a week somewhere out in the middle nowhere and read by a fire drinking Bailey's all day. It would be quiet, it would be cozy, and it would be expensive.

What I Love: That so many great books came out this fall. Perotta, Murakami, Eugenides, Smith, and Ondaatje, to name a few.

What I Wonder: Marisha Pessl's new book would have an actual release date so I could determine whether or now she is a one-hit wonder.

What I'd Visit Tennessee For: Paranassus books
, an independent bookstore that Ann Patchett is behind in Nashville. I've been stalking the Facebook page since I heard her talk about it during the summer and love seeing it come together.


  1. I'm feeling your "What I Hate"! My best friend is trying to buy me one for Christmas just to piss me off. The "Only skanks read eBooks!" thing doesn't seem to be working anymore ;)

  2. I loved Marisha Pessl's first book! If you find out when her second book is coming out, please post about it!