Lucky to Be Alive

This is Chomsky:

Sometimes he's referred to as "Buddy," "The Fat K
id," or "Chomskito" (okay, the last one is just by me).

Today he was referred to as "you effing little shit!"

In retrospect, it was partly my fault- I left the book do
wn while I shut my eyes for a few minutes (I just came back from Vegas, so give me a break), and he is still a puppy at 9 months. But, then again, books are NOT TOYS. He's pretty good about only destroying his personal possessions, but today- not so much.

After putting him in his crate and going upstairs to collect myself (thank for the deep-breathing lessons, Yoga Den) I realized that it was still readable and would look fine once put back in the jacket, which I take off before reading. But still. It's my book and he hu
rt it.

Little effing shit.


  1. Oooooo! Not good. Sonic has eaten his share of things. One time he ate our tax refund. I'm surprised he is still living here.

  2. sorry i just had to laugh on this one! poor book, poor chomsky ;)the bite marks just add character to the book. what book was it? maybe chomsky was just jealous that you spend so much time with your books and not him so he was going to take it out on the books.