100 Things

Now that the end of the semester is slowly approaching my students are graveling for extra credit- they'd probably wash my car or do my laundry if I'd let them. Instead, I told them that they could give me a list of 100 things they were thankful for, and it could be both fun and serious. And let me tell you, I definitely got both! There were the standard "my family," "my friends," "God," and "living in the US," but a whole of entertaining ones too. I had a kid thankful for Scottish people, someone fond of 7-11 (understandable), another for frozen grapes. Zippers, lint rollers, bobby pins, Doctor Who, teeth, toilet paper, and Google also made a few lists. 

It was really interesting to read their lists, and they got me thinking. What would me 100 things be? Tis the season (or something like that):

In no particular order...

1. My husband
2. Cordie and Chomsky
3. My family, despite the fact they refuse to move closer...
4. My job
5. My husband's job
6. That I have a house I'd be okay living in for the rest of life
7. Self-serve frozen yogurt
8. The Yoga Den- raising prices, kooky instructors and all
9. A woman's right to choose (for the next four years, anyway)
10. Our kick-ass tax lady
11. My friends, both near and far
12. Happy hours
13. That we finally decided where to go for our annual vacation
14. Netflix
15. My books
16. That I've gotten to travel to a few really awesome places
17. My double ovens
18. My stifling sense of fiscal responsibility
19. The IB program, both as a student and a teacher
20. My ability to blog, and those that read it
21. My passport
22. Anthropologie 
23. My education
24. Colleagues that have become friends
25. The non-spicy salsa from Tom's Farms
26. My health
27. That they make cute glasses now
28. That I'm not homophobic, racist, or ignorant
29. My Amazon Visa card
30. My iPhone
31. The internet 
32. More and more ways to help the environment
33. Gum
34. My security alarm (piece of mind!)
35. That NaNoWriMo has got me writing more than ever
36. My treadmill
37. Ice cream
38. That I live close enough to LA to go to readings
39. My Fossil work bag that has lasted seven years and counting
40. That my husband didn't care if I didn't change my name
41. The low interest rate on my students loans
42. That I live somewhere safe
43. My ability to vote
44. Apples
45. Toms
46. Caffeine Free Diet Coke
47. Our pool
48. Pedicures
49. The FDA
50. BB Cream
51. My laptop
52. The teacher's union (yup... sorry!)
53. That my mom still lives in the house I grew up in
54. Target
55. Yosemite National Park
56. Automatic billing
57. Email
58. Thunderstorms
59. The ability to plan things to look forward to 
60. Amazon (as in the e-store, not the rainforest)
61. The feeling you get when you climb into bed after a long day
62. The freedom to read whatever I want
63. The Gilmore Girls
64.  My photo albums
65. My doctor and her amazing PA that will call me back instantly
66. Siblings with shared interests
67. Facebook (gotta stay in touch somehow)
68. Pajama pants
69. Peanut butter and chocolate
70. Health insurance
71. The ability to try new things and go new places
72. That my husband isn't a Republican (I had a dream he was- not good)
73. LEGO videogames
74. That I have the freedom to believe in who, or what, I want to
75. My three teaching credentials. Job security, baby
76. Floss
77. Airplanes
78. That my grandparents let me live with them for three years during college
79. That my wedding was exactly what I wanted it to be
80. Both my dogs being completely house-broken
81. A reliable vehicle (knock on wood)
82. That Prop. 30 passed here in California
83. That eReaders haven't completely knocked out print
84. Air conditioning
85. The opportunity to run over the Golden Gate Bridge
86. Things usually turning out okay in the end; despite the anxiety that comes first
87. Tequila
88. It's It (they're ice cream sandwiches for you poor unknowing souls)
89. Problem solving before panicking
90. The ability to hike
91. Ample food, and the luxury of choice
92. That I'm allowed to be independent and married simultaneously
93. Grey's Anatomy (I'm sorry I'm not sorry)
94. My sewing machine
95. Shazaam (seriously)
96. Our whole house fan
97. A fantastic hair stylist
98. That I was given the opportunity to advise yearbook (most days, anyway)
99. That while my feet constantly hurt, they can still move
100. Cocoa Puffs

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving. I'll be cooking for eighteen, so we'll see how it goes...


  1. Unlurking again to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful your blog has brains and persists. It's one of my favorites.

  2. love your list! what a great idea. and its always fun to read what students come up with ! - Katie@ Inkk

  3. This was such a good idea, I decided to do it here , even though we don't have Thanksgiving in South Africa.