NaNoWriMo Update #2

[yes, this looks like shit]
As of today, 13 days in, I should be approximately 21,666 words into NaNoWriMo. Instead, I have only written 15,013 (38 pages, by the way). Despite being nearly 7,000 words (or 4 days) behind, I'm actually quite pleased with my progress. Last week, at day 6, I was only 5,000 words in, so statistically I've improved in the past seven days. Plus, this is the most I have ever written in terms of fiction before, so I'll take it.

Thoughts from this week:

- I've finally got a lot of things established in terms of plot and charcters, so I feel like the ball has gotten rolling.

- Providing the reader with back-story that doesn't sound blatant can be time consuming. I firmly believe that the setting should tell you a lot about a character, as well as their actions, rather than a list of characteristics. Sometimes that easier said than done.

- Writing sex scenes is hard. I don't want to be ike "and then he stuck it in her hot-" or "and then she grabbed his big giant-" but on the other hand I don't want to take the PG route and end the scene with a shirt dropping and a door shutting. I don't plan on there being copious amounts of sex, but it's a natural, human act that has it's place in literature... if done correctly.

- I'm enjoying what I'm doing; sitting down to write doesn't seem like a chore, whether it's a day where I'm just writing a few hundred words or a few thousand.

- I don't write on Fridays, as my little chart to the right shows. Last week it was happy hour, and the week before it was something else. Maybe this week I'll break the trend.

-  I'm finding the more I write the more I want to talk about my story. The only person that knows anything about it whatsoever is my husband, but knowing him, and considering that the last time I mentioned the topic was years ago, he's probably forgotten. One blog I recently read (I can't remember which one!) dropped hints here and there in her posts, which I've considered. We'll see. 

By next Tuesday, when I hopefully update again, I should be over 33,000 words, meaning I need to more than double what I have right now.

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  1. Oh, I have so much trouble writing sex scenes! Every single time, they either come out too graphic, too cheesy or too puritanical. Plus, I always picture my parents reading them after the book is (ha!) published and then I get major writer's block. Maybe I need to take a workshop or something...