Learning and Whatnot

[Powell Library, UCLA; Source: my own]
Today I went back to my old stomping grounds, UCLA, to run/walk a rivalry week 5k with my sister. It was such a blast to run around the building where I spent hours of my life, including my beloved Powell Library. And somehow later in the day I ended up at UCI (University of California, Irvine), another campus near and dear to my heart (I attended a science program there one summer in high school, spent many weekends there with an ex-boyfriend, and drove down to visit one of my sisters there when she briefly attended). And while I was there I probably said a million times "I want to go back to college."

I think more than anything, and I've written about it before, I just want to learn about things I care about. No offense to my profession, but I don't have a crazy passion to learn about education at this moment. I've gone through the credentialing process, received my Master's, and have sat through countless hours of professional development. Learning how to become a more effecive teacher is great, and something I appreciate, but it's not the type of learning I feel compelled to do right now. 

When was the last time I felt like I was acquiring new, truly fascinating knowledge? When was the last time I felt compelled to seek out a substantial amount of information and immerse myself into it? When was the last time I boldly went where no man has gone before? Oh wait. 

I find it frustrating to not feel intellectually challenged or stimulated right now. What will I do about it? Between the five million papers I have to read and everything else I have (and choose... hello NaNoWriMo) to do? Probably not a lot. Maybe read another nonfiction book or watch a few documentaries to ease the irritation, but not much. And that- that hesitancy to take action- makes it even more frustrating. 


  1. What a gorgeous library! Glad you had fun with your sister. Makes me miss my own sister even more.

  2. I completely understand! By the end of the day as a stay-at-home mom/sitter/pretending-to-be-a-writer, I not only feel exhausted but utterly bored. It doesn't help that I'm married to a student who's doing exactly what he always wanted to do and is always having "Eureka" moments and running to scribble down something brilliant in a notebook.

    But then...I'm just so busy and tired...lame, right?