An Infestation

By the end of the day today my classroom was totally and completely infested... with Gregors from The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka! For the past two books we've read I've assigned a creative culminating project, allowing the kids to bust out the hot glue and construction paper (better them than me). The practical part of me thinks that this is a slight waste of time, but the part of me that understands kids need to do more than just fill in bubbles and write essays loves it. For this book they were give three choices- write the prequel to the story, psychoanalyze Kafka, or make a replica of Gregor, along with a one page write up. I'd say about half the kids chose to make the bug, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Here are a few of my favorites:

The one in the upper left is even more awesome in person.

I hope his mom knows he stole her baskets... And yes, a cake!

The one in the upper right was brought to class via skateboard.

The one in the bottom right was made of an old sweater and soda bottles!

I think what I really love, besides the imagination, is the fact that there are so many interpretations as to what the bug looks like (that is if you believe that Gregor really is a bug). Some of the kids were more on top of the contextual clues, while some chose to ignore the book and our discussions, taking creative license.

And now I have to grade the little suckers so I have counter space again. 


  1. These are fantastic! And I haven't even read the book. So now that high school kids have, I suppose I should up my game and read it too. Especially if it inspires such cuteness!You are SUCH a cool teacher!

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