Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. I really, really wish I/we were handy. We can do the basics, like painting, light bulb changing, picture, shelf-mounting, etc... I mean legitimate handy things, like installing dishwasher disposals, fixing seals on toilets, and replacing sprinklers. We don't need those things done right now, but I know it's going to happen one of these days. And then we'll be screwed.

2. I have found myself in a bit of a reading slump. I started Necessary Errors, an ARC by Caleb Crain, and am finding it a little tough to sink my teeth into. Meanwhile, I started Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, and while interesting it's not exactly a page turner ("oh my God, what's going to happen with GMO corn next?!?!?"). After I wrap up Necessary Errors (which is over 400 pages) I need to finish Catch-22. And then I'm going to just go with my gut and read from my actual shelf, ignring any pseudo-obligations that I have.

3. Next a super trivial pet peeve: if you are on Instagram and you're commenting on someone's picture it is not necessary to include their user name. They'll get the notification that you've commented anyway! C'mon. Such a rookie mistake.

4. I've recently decided that I'm insurance retarded impaired, so I sat down and made myself learn all the terms and what my coverage is. I worked in a doctor's office for four years in college, but given the fact we were involved in a research study, insurance wasn't really an issue, since the company backer picked up most of the tab for the patients (no, it wasn't for some crazy drug, just a really amazing, semi-boring stent for aortic and carotid aneurysm). 

5. I'm currently obsessed with making these and these. Until I get to a grocery store I'll just keep shoveling away my current favorites, Wheat Thins and whipped cream cheese. Fancy.

6. My husband sent me this link the other day for a genius writing plan- you write 350 words, 5 days a week, and in a year you'll basically have a novel. NaNoWriMo is such a crazy blur, but this seems so damn manageable. Shit, what if I had done this a year ago? Or two years ago? 

 7. Today was one of those days where my three classes of IB seniors were all pretty enjoyable and focused that I found myself dreading the end of the school year when they leave me. 

8. Something I've recently learned and am trying to digest: some people need to learn that asking someone to do something because they will be good at it is definitely better than asking someone to do something because you know they will say yes. And that's as passive aggressive as we'll get for today.

9. 9/11 earlier this week was a day for both remembering those that were lost and the lessons our country should have learned. One of those is tolerance in terms of religion- many people that I know are careful to be sensitive to those that are Jewish or Islamic, but are super quick to make fun of Mormons, Born Again Christians, or even Scientologists. Insulting an Islamic for their belief system is just as effed up as doing so to a Mormon because you think their special underwear policy is crazy, or to a Born Again who speaks in tongues. When their belief system starts affecting the public there's a problem, but there's still a proper way to deal with things, as opposed to being ignorant and obnoxious.

10. We started watching Orange in the New Black and, for the record, I would do horribly in prison. There's the food, close quarters, lack of bathroom stall doors, fights, and inability to blow dry or straighten hair, just to name a few. I would spend a lot of time working out, though, so I'm sure I'd get totally ripped.


  1. It doesn't bother me when people tag me in a comment on Instagram - I don't think I've ever really noticed. I do it if I'm commenting back to multiple people so there's no real confusion.

    The bad thing about being decently handy is that then people ask you to do stuff. Or you constatnly tell yourself that "oh I can do that" but never really have the time (this happens because I'm thrifty (sounds nicer than cheap) as well).

    1. Oh, am I totally cheap- every time we have to call someone to do something we "should" be able to do a little part of me dies.

      And I'm all for tagging when responding to someone- that makes sense. I think it's a visual thing for me.